A look back at 10 predictions on the 2012-13 college basketball season

Andy Lyons

How wrong was I about the freshly-wrapped college hoops season? Real wrong.

The 2012-13 season has come to a close, which means it's time to ignore all of our preseason predictions and act like they didn't happen so that people will take us seriously three months from now. Or time for us to review them and be humiliated.

Let's take the road less traveled with a look back at the "10 things that will happen in 2012-13 season" written by yours truly back in November.

1. Someone other than Indiana, Louisville or Kentucky will win the national championship

Starting off hot.

I think Kentucky being relegated to the NIT should give me a little bit of clout here, although Louisville winning it all and making the statement 100 percent incorrect is an obvious blow. Maybe this will get better.

2. Duke will win the national championship

Or not.

In my defense, this prediction resulted in easily the largest amount of "you're an idiot" email I've ever received, and for a large chunk of the season I was looking pretty smart. My rationale at the time wasn't that Duke was the strongest team in the country or that they would be the strongest team come March, it was that the other contenders all had fatal flaws which would allow the Blue Devils' consistent play to guide them to a title run similar to the one they made in 2010. It's safe to say that I underestimated Louisville's ability to improve offensively over the course of a season.

3. Michigan State's Gary Harris will be named Freshman of the Year

Beginning to think this exercise was an error in judgment.

Harris had a terrific season and was one of the best players on a Spartan team that was probably among the 10 best in the country, but he was nowhere near the best or most valuable newcomer in college basketball this season. I'd like to issue a special apology to all the Big 12/Midwestern bros who touted Marcus Smart during the summer. I knew he was good, but I dismissed your all's assertions that he was that good. A thousand apologies.

4. C.J. McCollum will lead the country in scoring

Well, he was before he went down for the season with a foot injury in early January, so...partial credit? Anybody? No? All right, well you're all assholes and let's keep this thing going.

5. The aircraft carrier games will not go as smoothly as they did a year ago

Well, one was postponed two days, another canceled at halftime and another canceled before it could even get started. Before I pat myself on the back too much, this was about the easiest call possible. Basketball isn't meant to be played outside. That the 2011 Carrier Classic went off without a hitch was nothing short of a minor miracle. I have no problem with these specialty games...so long as their indoors. The Michigan State/UConn hangar game in Germany should serve as the model for any "classics" going forward.

6. John Calipari will finally lose a home game at Kentucky

Twice actually.

7. Duke will win the Battle 4 Atlantis

Duke winning a major preseason tournament is one of those things you have to keep betting on until it stops happening, regardless of how unlikely it seems at the time. I also had a spiel about how the tournament might be the best early season tournament ever which might have been a little over the top, although the fact that six of the eight teams wound up making the NCAA Tournament is awfully impressive.

8. People will say that the NCAA Tournament was "the worst in recent memory'

I'm sure somebody somewhere has done this, but for the most part, everyone seems to be in agreement that this tournament was pretty good. It's almost gotten to the point where if every game isn't a classic then the tournament is a letdown. The fact that the 2013 edition featured multiple buzzer-beaters, the first 15 seed ever to win two games and one of the best title tilts in recent memory still won't be enough for some people.

9. Cody Zeller will win national Player of the Year, but he won't deserve it

Second part can't be right if the first part isn't, which is precisely the case here.

10. A mid-major coach will win national Coach of the Year

Finishing up just as hot as we started. A special bonus negative for specifically naming Creighton's Greg McDermott.

I won't be better next year.

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