Marcus Ginyard

North Carolina Tar Heels #1 - FForward

  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 210

P.J. Hairston Won't Be Starting

The annual UNC fan debate over starting lineups is well underway.

Dayton 79, UNC 68

Well, playing like Carolina's played of late finally caught up to them. The turnovers, the missed shots, the poor free throw shooting; they were all there. It's just this time they were coupled...

About Dayton

And now on to the second part of UNC's tour of the Atlantic-10: the Dayton Flyers. Dayton had a similar season to Rhode Island, with a strong non-conference season that included a win over an ACC...

UNC 80, William & Mary 72

Tribe vs Tar Heels boxscore It's safe to say Carmichael Auditorium hasn't seen a lot of three-pointers. The NCAA didn't adopt it until after the Heels had moved to the Smith Center, and although...

Turtle is back on the menu...

Quotes about last night's game and the upcoming game tonight!

Georgia Tech 62, UNC 58

Can we just end this season now? I'm serious. Decline any NIT bid that might float UNC's way. Ignore the CBI. Just walk away. I'm tired of watching this team fall apart.  For awhile at least,...

UNC 69, Miami 62

Hurricanes vs Tar Heels boxscore First things first, it's worth pointing out: UNC wins by an average of seven points when they start Marc Campbell, James Gallagher, and Thomas Thornton. The team's...

Florida State 77, UNC 67

Seminoles vs Tar Heels boxscore Look, there's nothing in tonight's game that you have seen all season long. Except the uniforms, of course. They were different. Also horrid; the warmup jackets,...

Georgia Tech 68, UNC 51

Tar Heels vs Yellow Jackets boxscore I don't envy Roy Williams in the slightest. Put yourself in his shoes. You now have four days until Carolina's next game against Boston College. Which of the...

The Remaining Games: How UNC Can Turn This Around

I miss the good old days of ACC conference scheduling. The games didn't start to the new year, you had home and aways with every other team, and everything was perfectly balanced, with Duke coming...

Duke 64, UNC 54

Blue Devils vs Tar Heels boxscore Sonuva...I think I could have handled a blowout better. That, at least, would be par for the course this season. I could have let that roll off my back and get...

Five Good Minutes: Duke Preview With Duke Basketball Report

To preview this weekend's game between the Eagles and Blue Devils, we talk Duke basketball with Duke Basketball Report.

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