Bobby Davis

USC Upstate Spartans #23 - Forward

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 225

Federal prosecutors drop case on Bernie Fine

Federal prosecutors announced Friday they will drop the child molestation case on former Syracuse Orange men's basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine. Almost a year ago, Fine was accused of sexual abusing former ball boys, Bobby Davis and Mike Lang.

13 Interesting Nuggets From Syracuse's 2005 Report About Bernie Fine & Bobby Davis

Here's the full report if you'd like to read it. I've broken out all of the interesting nuggets below...

Laurie Fine's Attorney: ESPN Acted With 'Absolute Malice'

Laurie Fine and her attorney, Lawrence Fisher, addressed the media Wednesday morning to discuss Fine's libel lawsuit against ESPN.

Laurie Fine To Make Announcement, Syracuse Fans Nervously Look Around At One Another

If there's one thing I've learned covering this whole sordid Bernie Fine affair, it's that just when you think it's all over, someone comes along to smack you across the face for even thinking that.

Jim Boeheim Adds To Win Total, Defamation Suit Tossed Out

Jim Boeheim already won more this season than any other season in the history of Syracuse Orange basketball. You can add one more victory to the total. Supreme Court Justice Brian DeJoseph today threw out Bobby Davis and Mike Lang's defamation suit against Boeheim over the comments he made defending then-assistant Bernie Fine.

Bernie Fine Scandal: Jason Whitlock Tees Off On Mark Schwarz

We're at a curious point in the whole Bernie Fine saga. We made it through the Accusations Read Aloud Every Five Seconds phase, survived the Shame On Everyone phase, lulled through the Hey What Ever Happened To That phase and now find ourselves in the Oh, Perhaps We All Kinda Jumped The Gun There phase.

Zach Tomaselli, Accuser of Bernie Fine, Admits He Fabricated Abuse Claims

Zach Tomaselli, Accuser of Bernie Fine, Admits He Fabricated Abuse Claims

Jim Boeheim Lawsuit: NCAA Unlikely To Look Into Bobby Davis' Claims

Experts agree that the NCAA won't investigate claims made by Davis while Boeheim's lawyers argue for his constitutional right to express himself.

Another Syracuse Coach Sexual Abuse Case On Horizon, Claims Robert Hoatson

Newhouse held a symposium Thursday to examine the media's coverage of notorious sports scandals. At one of the panels, Road to Recovery President Robert Hoatson dropped a bombshell.

Jim Boeheim Lawsuit: Orange Players, Coaches Receive 'Special Treatment' In Syracuse, According To Affidavit

Undeterred by a recent judgement that accusations Laurie Fine was sexually-involved with Syracuse Orange basketball players was not good enough to grant them access to SU records, Davis et al are going with their next affidavit full of accusations, this time focusing on what's apparently going on behind the scenes at SU basketball

Jim Boeheim Lawsuit: Judge Denies Request To Name Players Over Laurie Fine Allegations

Friday, a judge denied a request from Bobby Davis and Mike Lang's lawyers, Gloria Allred and Mariann Wang, to make Syracuse University turn over information related to former basketball players who may or may not have slept with Laurie Fine during Jim Boeheim's time as head coach of the Syracuse Orange basketball team.

Syracuse Daily Links - Kristof! Lives On

On a list of user-submitted best dunks of all-time, Kristof! makes the cut.

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