Derrick Rose

Memphis Tigers #0 - Guard

  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

Billy Reed Refuses To Live In The Present


The problem with fond remembrance of bygone times is that they are often less rosy than our memories.

Report: Chuck Martin to be new Indiana Assistant


Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports is reporting that Chuck Martin will be the new assistant coach to fill Kenny Johnson's shoes at Indiana University. If true, which the CBS Sports people seems very...

Tako Tuesdays CHAMP Rating 14: THIS ONE WILL WORK!


Tako's complicated NCAA bracket-picking formula is on the rise; climb aboard now and ride it to victory!

John Feinstein Should Look In The Mirror


John Feinstein deigns to look down upon John Calipari from his place on Olympus, and declares him egotistical.

Charles Matthews Chooses UK Over Illinois


Class of 2015 #1 ranked shooting guard Charles Matthews snubs Illinois in favor of Kentucky.

DeCourcy Indicts Media Hypocrisy


It's about time.

BB Recruiting: Meet Jermaine Morgan


Jermaine Morgan, PF from Moberly Area Community College has opted to play ball at Wazzu next year.

Calipari Not Dodging "Team To Beat" talk this year

The 2013 Kentucky basketball team could be the most exciting team ever at Kentucky under John Calipari.

Shabazz Muhammad: Started at the top now he's here

Once projected the top pick in this NBA draft, Shabazz Muhammad's NBA prospects project him as a late lottery to mid-first round pick. Why has the UCLA star fallen? Or does he remain a rising star?

The world's best gather for the Nike Hoops Summit

21 of the world's best 19-and-under basketball talent will square off in an America vs. The World format.

How many coaches would love to have UK's problems?


Will Calapari haul in a class with the #1 player at each position? If so, does this cause a dilemma or a problem?

A moment to reflect on expectations


Michigan began the season with a lofty ranking and an abundance of praise thrown its way from all directions. Months later, the sting of a disappointing end to the regular season has been mitigated...

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