Dan Werner

Florida Gators #21 - Forward

  • Height: 6-8
  • Weight: 230

Chomping At Bits: John Brantley Working Hard To Return From Injury


Chomping At Bits runs twice daily during the week and once daily on weekends, and comes stocked with the best Florida Gators links and news we can find. Got a link we should check out? Email us at A...

State of Gator Nation: April 12th, 2011


I think we're going to do a roundup of Gators news that doesn't merit a full post close to daily. Please, give me suggestions on the name, format, etc. in the comments or by email. Former Gator D...

Happy April Fools' Day: Pick The Most Foolish Gator


April Fools' Day is a day for those who have a sense of humor. If you don't have a sense of humor, I suggest you leave now before you're offended by this post.

3rd Annual Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em & Selection Sunday Live Blog!


It is Selection Sunday and don't let Florida's bubbleness get you down. Because this also means the 3rd Annual Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em!

Chandler Parsons Shall Lead The Gators


The best player on the Gators is not their leading scorer or their second leading scorer. It's not their senior or their center.

Periscope: Vanderbilt @ Florida


Vanderbilt travels to Gainesville in hopes of staking their claim on the second SEC East bye in the SEC Tournament.

What To Say About Dan Werner?


Tonight is Senior Night for Dan Werner the only remaining player from the Class of 2006.

Floor Burns: Sound and Fury


Floor Burns usually runs on Sundays. Alas, hockey happened.You know what this weekend's games really meant to Kansas, Kentucky, and Syracuse? Nothing. Those three teams are still the best choices...

What The Gators And Other College Sports Figures Are Giving Up For Lent


What are our beloved Gators and others giving up for Lent? Here are our guesses.

The Much Maligned Addazio And Werner


Florida Football fans' Public Enemy Number One, Steve Addazio, has suddenly found himself some responsibility and new found respect.

Syracuse vs. Florida A Lesson In Bodily Function


Did a Florida player literally poop his pants against Syracuse last night?

The Goodbye Gators


I feel bad for Erving Walker. In another time, he would have been a black Lee Humphrey, just with a better free throw percentage.

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