Kyle Kuric

Louisville Cardinals #14 - Guard

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 195

10 Greatest Dunks In UofL Basketball History


Because we must put all great Sports Things into list form instead of celebrating each as unique works of art

Rick Pitino Oversigning for 2013

Rick Pitino has already singed 15 players to fill 13 scholarships at Louisville for 2013. Should anyone care?

Thursday Afternoon Cardinal News And Notes


Joshua Helfrich dedicates this news and notes post to all the teachers that told him he'd never amount to nothin'. To all the people that lived above the buildings that he was hustlin' in front...

Teddy Bridgewater And Kyle Kuric Among Those Honored At U of L Sports Banquet


U of L held its annual All-Sport Banquet on Monday evening, and several familiar names were among those earning top honors. Here's the full list of awards from the event: 2011 Spring Sport...

Wednesday Evening Cardinal News And Notes


Rocky Bensinger posing in his Cardinal finest, and a cool story on the poster behind him from his owner, Charlie: There's more to this picture than our dog. Note the poster behind him. If one...

Pitino, Smith, Behanan And Kuric Talk Kentucky, Final Four


Rick Pitino--Our players are very pumped up. We've had a terrific few weeks in the Big East Tournament and first four games in the NCAA Tournament, and obviously we're extremely excited about being...

Who Should Hoosiers Root for in the Final Four?


IU lost to Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen. Now what? Who should Indiana root for out of the teams that still remain?

Multiple Cards Closing In On Records


A few things to watch for on Thursday, and hopefully beyond. --Kyle Kuric now has 957 career points, leaving him just 43 short of the 1,000-point milestone. The odds would seem to be against him...

Louisville Really Loves Kyle Kuric


I finally found someone who had a worse Senior Night experience than I did. He's 8-year-old and he enjoys the basketball stylings of Kyle Kuric.

Kuric, Siva And Behanan Talk Tournament

All three videos via Rick Bozich, who is with the Cards in Portland. Kyle Kuric: Peyton Siva: Chane Behanan:

Tuesday Evening Cardinal News And Notes


Brock "Baby Behanan" Young couldn't be more focused on Davidson right now. Also, I'm so sorry for how far behind we are on these. It's been a little hard to get to the news and notes posts over...

NCAA Bracket 2012: How Louisville Basketball Got To March Madness

Louisville has the talent to make an NCAA tournament run, but they need to start closing out close games.

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