Mookie Jones

Syracuse Orange #21 - Forward

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 220

Links - Getting To Know Moustapha Diagne


Let's hear what Diagne and others have to say about his recruitment to Syracuse.

Mookie Jones Talks Razorsharks, SU Degree & More


Mookie Jones is talking. You are listening.

Cuse vs. Villanova: Get To Re-Know The Wildcats


Remember these guys? We used to play them a long time ago. Like…months ago.

Mookie & McCroskey Are Your Favorite RazorSharks


Former Syracuse basketball guards Mookie Jones and Louie McCroskey have made the roster for the Rochester RazorSharks.

Links - C.J. Fair Worth $1M, Remembering Rob Edson


Time Magazine puts C.J. Fair's "salary" at roughly $1 million. Even that seems too low...

Boeheim & The Amazing Striped Polo Dreamshirt


FACT: Jim Boeheim loves striped polo shirts.

S.O.B. Awards: Best SU-Related Tweet

The year's final S.O.B. goes to this season's most notable tweet from one of us - the laypeople of the Syracuse basketball community.

Taco Time: Would Mookie Have Mattered This Year?


It's Taco Time in the Salt City! Would Mookie Jones have helped the Syracuse hoopsters this year?

Watch Mookie Jones Drain Threes Over Dutch People


Former Syracuse Orange superstar Mookie Jones is playing pro ball within driving distance of the Red Light District and I remain unaware? Shame on you all.

SU Basketball: It's Always Something, Isn't It?


Does every fanbase go through the same roller-coaster ride that Syracuse basketball fans seem destined to go through every season?

Brandon Triche, DaJuan Coleman Kings Of Syracuse But Not Kings Of King of Kings League (What?)

JD's Finest, the team featuring Syracuse Orange players Brandon Triche and DaJuan Coleman in this summer's King of Kings League, is also known as Team Motivated. They probably should have taken it...

Mookie Jones Thanks 'All Of The Syracuse Fans For Sticking With Me'


Former Syracuse basketball player Mookie Jones releases statement thanks SU and its fans for supporting him.

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