Wesley Johnson

Syracuse Orange #4 - Forward

  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight: 205

Every Syracuse Basketball Player Ever Will Be In The Dome Next Weekend

October 15th is the date of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons exhibition game inside the Carrier Dome. You already knew that Wes Johnson and Jonny Flynn would be there. What you didn't...

Daliy Links - What Will Carmelo Do?

An Early Look At The 2011 NBA Free Agents: What Will Carmelo's 'Decision' Be? - SBNation.comCarmelo is to 2011 what LeBron was to 2010. Except next summer, there aren't a host of other veritable...

I, Darko, Am Staying in Minnesota!

A post by Darko Milicic*. (*NOTE: This is not remotely true.)

My Much Delayed NBA Draft Breakdown

Thoughts on the NBA draft, from the Iowa State perspective.

Wes Johnson's Suit: A Cusetrospective

So...Wes Johnson's NBA Draft suit.  You either loved it or you hated it.  If you hated it, you probably hate kittens, malt balls, the word "equestrian" and freedom. If you loved it, like me, you...

May Wes Johnson's Time In Minnesota Be Prosperous & Brief

Minnesota Timberwolves fans will boo Wesley Johnson this season.  I have no doubt of this.  I mean, just look at their immediate reaction to Minnesota using the 4th pick in the draft on him (one...

The Morning After

Nets liked what they saw in both Derrick Favors, who had been on their radar, and Damion James, who hadn't been. Bottom line, the Nets came away with two bigs.

Wes Johnson/Andy Rautins NBA DraftWatch Open Thread

The NBA Draft is about to get underway.  We'll hear Wes Johnson's name pretty soon, though where exactly he'll go remains in question. As for Andy ,we (and all of Canada) are hopeful. Leave your...

Daily Links - We're Number 77!

College football countdown: Nos. 76-80 - D1SCOURSEThanks to some late scheduling juggling --- Virginia Tech vanished, replaced (eventually) by Colgate --- Syracuse was left with a pair of opponents...

The Wes Johnson NBA Draft Pancake Challenge

Wes Johnson loves pancakes.  No, seriously, he really loves pancakes. I love pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes. No syrup, none of that crazy butter, blueberries, none of that. Just regular pancakes....

Back to Favors? And a Pick at #19?

In consensus mock draft, it's still Derrick Favors although it's no longer unanimous. Of the 12 mocks surveyed by NBA.com, eight are still projecting Favors. ESPN's Chris Sheridan seems to think so as well and reports the Nets may be marketing Keyon Dooling's contract.

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