Scotty Hopson

Tennessee Volunteers #32 - Guard

  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight: 200

Kentucky Basketball: It's Darius Miller Day in Kentucky!


Kentucky Basketball: It's Darius Miller Day in Kentucky! Darius Miller has had an exemplary career at Kentucky, and has brought great credit to the school, the uniform, and himself.

NBA Lockout: D-League Changes Seem Forthcoming


The NBA lockout is hopefully ending soon. When it does, it seems changes to the NBA Development League will also be in store.

Closer Look At Pitt's Non-Conference Basketball Schedule


Wanted to get to this sooner, but Pitt's non-conference schedule was officially released last week. The full schedule includes games against: Albany, Rider, Long beach State, LaSalle, Penn, Robert...

Talking Points: Bucks for Everybody!


The day's news for Tennessee Vol fans.

College Flame-Outs Like Josh Selby Often Best Bet In NBA Draft's Second Round


In the second round of the NBA Draft, the players who most often succeed in the NBA may have underperformed at college. Looking at prospects' high school performance may be a key in making the...

2011 Big East-SEC Challenge / Invitational Schedule: Pitt Vs. Tennessee Part II


So, I'm still not entirely sure if this is the Big East-SEC Challenge or the Big East-SEC Invitational. Leaning towards the latter, but whatever. All that really matters is that Pitt is taking on...

Pitt Basketball: Dwight Miller Transfers To Tennessee


With all the talk about Pitt being over the scholarship limit for next season, I have to admit that former Panther Dwight Miller kind of dropped off my radar. In case you forgot, Pitt was in a...

Tennessee's Basketball Offense is Doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU


The day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans.

Scotty Hopson: With or Without You


As the deadline nears for early entrants to leave their names in the NBA Draft or return to college, NBA scouts and general managers appear to be steering Scotty Hopson back to college...which is...

Tobias Harris and Scotty Hopson: Will They Stay or Will They Go?


The day's news for Tennessee Vol fans.

2011 NBA Draft: Ashton Gibbs Having Second Thoughts?


Far be it from me to speculate about what Ashton Gibbs is thinking, but I can't help but wonder if he's having second thoughts about entering the NBA Draft. There's been widespread confusion about...

Ford: Most Top Picks Decline Invites to Pre-Draft Workout Next Weekend


Chad Ford has the list of players who have been offered --and accepted-- invitations to next weekend's workout at PNY Center...and it's even more underwhelming than the Draft. The workout, which...

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