College Football

While you were sleeping, Oregon outgunned Cal


The Pac-12's top remaining playoff contender put away a group of Bears that refused to go down, and you might've missed portions.

How can Kentucky beat No. 1?


Road trips for first-time No. 1s can be tenuous, but Mississippi State will hold most of the matchup advantages over Kentucky in Lexington on Saturday. Can the Wildcats pull off a nearly...

3 questions Ole Miss-LSU will answer

For once, the tables are turned. The Rebels are the favorites in Death Valley, but can the young Tigers pull off the weekend's most impactful upset and regain control of the rivalry?

The numbers hate Michigan State


Michigan State shouldn't have too much trouble against Michigan on Saturday, but the Spartans' defensive glitches and only decent performances against good teams could spell trouble when Ohio State...



This is our weekly college football gambling column. It's called COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMBLING.

Miami is getting somewhere. VT is not.

Miami has been looking pretty good on paper for a while, but the Hurricanes looked good on television last night, too. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech grows more directionless by the day.

How the UNC scandal hurts the NCAA's future


It's getting harder for the NCAA to argue that athletes are students first, thanks to scandals like this one.

Jameis can't win the Heisman again


Two quarterbacks stand in front of the Heisman pack. And the familiar face bearing down on them just won't catch them on his own steam.

This Week In Schaden(otre)freud(ame)e


Do not go to the Notre Dame Internet. It is a terrifying place.

4 reasons Chip Kelly won't coach Florida


Because the Gators can't have nice things, for one.

Texas OC, OSU suing each other over play calling


At stake is a substantial buyout from the coach's previous job as Oklahoma State's offensive line coach.

How Utah is terrorizing QBs


The Utes defense has set up camp in opposing backfield all season long. But the schedule's about to put those eye-popping numbers to a serious test.

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