2012 College Football Rankings

BlogPoll broken, but not by Bama

The Crimson Tide make a near-unanimous sweep of No. 1 votes in the final BlogPoll for the 2012 season. One holdout voted for Ohio State at No. 1, though ... and another voted for Colorado.

Ranking the bowls, 140 characters at a time

We'll work our way from :( to best. Each bowl game Twitter account represented by a somewhat defining tweet. Let's brawl.

Notre Dame, Alabama sit atop final BCS standings

The Irish and Crimson Tide will meet for the BCS National Championship in Miami. Six of the top 10 teams are from the SEC.

NIU lands at No. 16 in final AP Poll

Northern Illinois lands at No. 16 in the AP Poll, which does not figure in the BCS formula. The Huskies need to finish in the top 16 to bust the BCS. Notre Dame finishes the year No. 1.

So close

Alabama and Notre Dame are assured of their BCS National Championship spots, but can Northern Illinois knock out Oklahoma?

You call that a BCS buster?

We just about know the entire BCS bowl picture, with two big questions: will Boise State or the MAC champion end up ranking high enough to land a BCS spot, and can Kansas State hold off Oklahoma?

Here come the BCS busters

The question coming into Sunday night, considering Notre Dame and either Alabama or Georgia have all but locked up spots in the BCS National Championship Game: can the non-AQs crowd Oklahoma out of...

BCS busters climbing, Notre Dame still AP No. 1

With the season coming to a close, possible BCS-busting Northern Illinois and Kent State are making late moves in the latest AP Top 25. Notre Dame is No. 1 for a second straight weekend after...

Bama gets BCS free pass

One week later, Alabama's home loss to Texas A&M practically doesn't exist, at least in terms of the BCS standings and the national championship race. How'd that happen?

It's Notre Dame and Alabama atop BCS

Notre Dame and Alabama take over for Kansas State and Oregon at the top of the BCS rankings with just weeks to go before bowl season locks in place.

Irish claim AP Poll's top spot, Alabama No. 2

After Kansas State and Oregon each dropped their first game of the season, the undefeated Irish staked a claim to the No. 1 spot in the Associated Press Top 25.

Let's talk Top 25 now

Top 25 mayhem in the polls, computers and BCS awaits us on Sunday. Let's take our best guess at what the college football rankings will look like after a shakeup Saturday.

Where does Notre Dame belong?

If Kansas State and Oregon make it all the way through, what do we do with the potentially unbeaten Irish? And is the SEC out of the race yet?

Kansas State overtakes BCS

The new BCS Top 25 sees Kansas State take over for Alabama at No. 1, followed by Oregon and Notre Dame. The Tide don't fall far after being knocked off by Texas A&M, however.

Who's your Top 10 now?

SB Nation college football friends Mark Ennis and Martin Rickman try to give us a clearer picture of the Top 10 after another wild week, which saw Alabama lose its hold on No. 1. Follow...

Meet your new No. 1

UPDATE: Full, official new BCS rankings are now out right here. Until then, let's take a look at what the top of the standings will look like after Alabama fell for the first time since last year....

Alabama overthrown: The BCS impact

Alabama's loss to brand-new SEC team Texas A&M, at home, means we might be staring at our first BCS Championship Game without a SEC team in seven years.

10 most likely BCS teams

This week's BCS rankings are out, and it's time to break down where your team standings in the final pecking order.

BCS projection: Can Oregon pass 2 at once?

Expect Oregon to overtake Notre Dame and close on Kansas State, the SEC to maintain dominance and non-AQ teams to have even less of a chance.

BCS Top 25: K-State moves to No. 2

Sunday night, Week 10's BCS Top 25 revealed Kansas State in line to play Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game if the season were to end right now. However, Oregon and Notre Dame also...

Oregon stays at No. 2, K-State No. 3 in AP Poll


The Week 10 AP poll sees a lot of shakeup after a wild Saturday.

Top 25 scores: Man sacks entire city

Reviewing last week's Associated Press Top 25 after a man sacked the entire city of Jacksonville, Notre Dame became even more BACK and the Pac-12 lost a pair of contenders.

BCS projection: Another out of K-State's way

Florida's exit from the No. 2 spot in this week's BCS standings (which will come out at 8:30 p.m. ET) means we're down to Alabama, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Oregon among the unbeatens with very...

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