Andrus Peat Wrapping Up Recruiting Process

Andrus Peat

Andrus Peat has the chance to be a multi-year starter at the BCS level.

Andrus Peat is one of the most sought-after offensive tackles in the country. Starring for Corona Del Sol (Tempe, Ariz.), he has collected more than 40 scholarship offers. At 6'7" and a lean 300 pounds, he is just scratching the surface of his potential. SB Nation caught up with Andrus Peat to discuss his time at the Under Armour All-America Game, recruitment, and his high school career.

How was the experience at the Under Armour All-America Game?

"It's been great to go against all of these talented kids. It's given me a chance to tell where my game is at."

What, if anything, did you learn about your game during your time in Orlando?

"I know what I can do. Just need to adjust to the speed of the game."

The level of competition was obviously a step up from what you typically see in high school. Who were the best defensive linemen you faced, and how did you adjust to the increased talent level?

"Oh, there were a lot of good defensive linemen out there. Noah Spence and Ifeadi Odenigbo are both really fast. You have to be quick in your setup to make sure they don't get the edge on you. And Leonard Williams and Eddie Goldman have more of the power, but they're quick too."

Let's talk schools. You're down to Nebraska, USC, Stanford and Florida State?


And do you have a leader at this point?


What are you looking for in your choice of school?

"Academics and the feel are the most important to me. It has to feel right."

What do you like about each school?

"I like Nebraska's tradition, and my brother Todd plays there. And I like USC's tradition. They put a lot of linemen in the NFL. Stanford, obviously, the academics are the best. And I like the feel of Florida State."

With your brother at Nebraska, you know he'll shoot you straight. Do you find it hard to tell if the guys from the other schools are doing the same?

"Definitely. My brother is my brother. Truth is real important to me, and I know that I know about Nebraska. Having a good trust connection with the players is important to me."

Peat has already visited Nebraska and Stanford. He will visit USC on January 13th, and may visit Florida State before signing day. Peat plans to decide on National Signing Day (Feb. 1).

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