Joshua Garnett Visiting Stanford, Will Decide Soon

Joshua Garnett head shot. (PHOTO: Bud Elliott -- SB Nation)

Joshua Garnett is an excellent student athlete. Will he choose Stanford, Michigan or Notre Dame?

Joshua Garnett is one of the top offensive line recruits in the country. Starring for Puyallup (Wa) High School, Garnett earned more than 30 scholarship offers from major programs. Colleges like his size (6'5" and 300 pounds), athleticism and smarts (Garnett plans to be a doctor). Garnett has already visited Notre Dame and Michigan. He's visiting Stanford this weekend (January 13th).

Recently, Garnett participated in the Under Armour All-America Game. SB Nation caught up with afterward to check on his recruitment.

Garnett has narrowed down his list to a final three. "Stanford, Notre Dame and Michigan, but not in any order," he said.

What does Garnett like about each school? "With Stanford, the education aspect of it. It's close to home, and they have a great run-blocking tradition down there," he said. On Michigan, Garnett said he was attracted to playing in "the Big House," and likes their run blocking as well. There's also a lot to like about Notre Dame for Garnett. "With Notre Dame, it's my Catholic upbringing, going to that church, seeing all the people, all the underclassmen and the lives they're going to have for the next 40 years," Garnett said.

Garnett talked a lot about run blocking, and I asked him about the importance of playing in a pro-style offense. "I definitely want to play in a pro-style offense, but still, if you're a good guard, you're a good guard, and NFL scouts will see you," Garnett said.

Garnett is listed as a tackle by some recruiting services, but played guard during the Under Armour event, looking more comfortable there. Does Garnett want to play tackle at the next level? "I'd like to play tackle, but if I can come in early and play guard, and I was doing pretty well out here today at guard, playing fast, and I feel like if that's my spot to be then that's my spot to be, and if it can get me to the next level I'll do that," Garnett said.

The three schools haven't definitively told him if he'll play tackle or guard.

What did Garnett think of the competition at Under Armour? "They were really fast and good with their hands. Much better competition than what I faced in high school," said Garnett.

When will Garnett decide? "In the week before signing day (February 1st). My sister will organize it. She'll have something special put together," Garnett said.

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