2014 LB Hoza Scott locked in to Texas A&M

2014 La Porte (TX) linebacker Hoza Scott - Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

It's hardly a shocker for those who have followed the recruitment of Hoza Scott, but he's an Aggie commit in everything but name.

Anyone with any type of sense knew that the move to the SEC would provide a tremendous boost to Texas A&M recruiting.

What wasn't known was whether the Aggies could achieve enough success there to sustain it.

Consider that question answered, and the recruitment of 2014 La Porte (TX) linebacker Hoza Scott is a perfect example of the resulting impact.

A big fan of the SEC and the Aggies, the achievements of Johnny Football and the 2012 A&m team have simply put A&M over the top for him as he prepares for an announcement following his senior season, which will end this weekend unless La Porte can get past state power Katy.

From what Scott told ESPN's Max Olson recently, the 6-3, 225-pounder is locked in to the Aggies ($):

Really, honestly, my decision and my mindset is on A&M. That’s where I really want to go.

If that's not enough, the next quote should be:

I’m just waiting for the season to end so I can relax and finally tell people. It’s pretty much A&M, done deal.

It may not leave much drama left for his eventual pledge, but there hasn't really been a lot of suspense in Scott's recruitment for some time.

The situation at Texas this season hasn't helped the 'Horns:

A&M is heading in a great direction. And UT, I like them still but, I don’t know, it seems like they’re falling apart. I know they’re going to pull it together. They’re a young football team.

The absolute truth about Texas probably lies in the middle of the statement, even if Scott was politic enough to sandwich the thought in between two relatively complimentary thoughts.

The Longhorns were always a distant second to the Aggies, but there's little doubt that the tumultuous season experienced by Texas has not cast the program in a favorable light -- from the blowout against Oklahoma to the crushing defeat against TCU to the rumors about Mack Brown's future to the rumors about Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz's future.

With the Texas program in turmoil and the A&M program rising seemingly be the minute, the eventual commitment of Scott to the Aggies will continue to serve notice that Longhorn recruiting supremacy in the state is under serious fire.

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