Reuben Foster Adds Fuel To Alabama-Auburn Rivalry

College football recruits flipping their verbal commitment from one school to another is nothing new. It happens so often, in fact, a switched verbal rarely raises an eyebrow, especially early on in the process.

Reuben Foster's flip from Alabama to Auburn Thursday was an exception.

First of all, Foster didn't just decommit from one school and decide on another; he switched from Alabama to Auburn. From one bitter rival to the next. When players switch between hated rivals, they often become the target of ridicule throughout their collegiate careers.

Then, there was the way he did it. Foster didn't make the switch quietly behind the scenes, he did it at a press conference ... in July. As if that wasn't enough to draw the attention from Alabama and Auburn fans, Foster made the switch with a parting shot.

Back in December, T.J. Yeldon flipped from Auburn to Alabama, saying at the time:

"At the end of the day I feel like the University of Alabama is the best situation and fit for me and my family. I am 100 percent confident with my final decision"

So what did Foster have to say on Thursday as he flipped in the opposite direction? What else of course:

"At the end of the day, I feel like Auburn is the best situation for me and my family," Foster told reporters at his press conference. "I am 100 percent confident in my final decision."

To their credit, Alabama fans are taking Foster's flip in stride. Here are a few comments from SB Nations Alabama blog, Roll Bama Roll:

"Best news of the day ... Some fortunate young man just had a spot open up for him to join the University of Alabama on its quest for another National Championship!" - BamaNTN

"Julio said that Coach Saban told him 'We can win with you or without you.' That motivated Julio to come and, of course, that was a great decision for all. This is a bigger loss for Foster than for Bama." - CrimsonWhite24.7

Well, most Alabama fans:

"So we are totally throwing flamming dog s--t on his front porch, right?" - bammer

He's kidding ... I think.

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