Matthew Thomas Picks 3 Passes; Likes Bama, FSU, Miami

Matthew Thomas

BEAVERTON, ORE -- Matthew Thomas played like a man possessed Sunday at Nike's The Opening. The Miami (Fla.) Booker T. High linebacker recorded three interceptions against Georgia commitment Brice Ramsey Sunday in 7-on-7 play, following a great Saturday performance. Thomas showed why he is regarded as the No. 3 linebacker recruit nationally.

The 6'4", 204-pound Thomas spoke with SB Nation about his play, his time at The Opening and his recruitment.

"It's been good. I just like being out here and playing with the guys, getting a real good experience," he said.

Thomas said that he hasn't picked up much coaching during the week, but has enjoyed playing with his fellow stars.

"I went against Kelvin Taylor and Tyrone Swoopes," Thomas said.

Thomas had a nice interception Saturday, and took me through the play.

"I was playing the three receiver, and he ran a curl route. The quarterback looked off, but I stepped up and he came back to it and I caught it and ran," he said.

Thomas recently said that Alabama and Florida State are his top two schools. I asked him when he came to that feeling.

"I knew a few weeks before I said it, I felt good with them two," Thomas said.

Thomas likes different things about Alabama and Florida State.

"I like Alabama because they're a national program, they develop linebackers for the NFL and get you ready," he said.

"With Florida State, I have a chance to come in and compete for a starting job as a freshman," he added.

Alabama runs a 3-4 defense, while FSU runs a 4-3. He'd play outside for either program, but the roles are different due to the different schemes. This doesn't matter to Thomas.

"I want to rush the passer on third down. I can cover, but I'd rather blitz," he said, fitting with his aggressive style as a player.

Thomas has yet to visit the Alabama or Florida State campuses. He'll visit Alabama in late July or early August. He'll camp at Florida State in July as well.

One school not in Thomas's top two is the University of Miami Hurricanes. I asked Thomas how close the Hurricanes are to being in his top two.

"Real close, they are in there. They'll always be in there. They home, I'l consider them always," he said.

SB Nation Recruiting will catch up with Thomas in early August after his visits to Alabama and Florida State.

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