Offensive guard recruit Kyle Bosch enrolled at Michigan

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Early enrollee Kyle Bosch is one of several elite offensive linemen committed to Michigan, part of a group of players that could pave the way up front for the Wolverines for years to come.

Kyle Bosch, a highly-touted offensive lineman with a "mean streak" on the field, is on board with Michigan, part of an elite incoming class of offensive linemen.

The 6-foot-5, 310-pounder from Wheaton, Illinois has been committed to the Wolverines since about a year ago: he had initially been considered likely to go to Notre Dame, and later picked up an offer from offensive line factory Alabama, but he committed to Michigan last February. Now, he's one of six players - and two top offensive linemen, the other being Logan Tuley-Tillman - to enroll early with the Wolverines. He'll be able to play with the team in spring practice.

The pickup was considered a really strong one by Michigan blog Maize N Brew, as Jeff Contizano wrote shortly after Bosch committed to the school:

Bottom line, this is a huge pickup for Michigan. Any time you can get a player from the likes of Florida, Notre Dame, and Alabama early, it's huge for your program. Bosch is listed as a tackle by most recruiting sites but at 6"5, 285 he'll probably slide in to guard or center at the next level. You've got to love his toughness and that mean streak on the field. Among all the recent Michigan OL commits this seems to be a very common theme.

That "mean streak" was evident, as another Maize N Brew recruiting analyst pointed out in the same story:

The thing that sticks out most, about his play, is his violence. There are kids that go hard until the whistle, but few have such nasty intent as Bosch. He's especially good at landing the initial punch with his hands, setting the tone for the rest of the play.

Bosch is part of what's probably the best incoming offensive line recruiting class in the country. Bosch is elite on his own whether people consider him a guard or a tackle, but he's just one of just four-star offensive line recruits, all of whom are considered among the top 200 players in the nation by Scout. Tuley-Tillman and Chris Fox play tackle, David Dawson is also between guard and tackle, and Patrick Kugler could play guard or center. That's an entire line, packed with talent all coming in at once. When breaking down the incoming class, Maize N Brew was very high on the offensive line class and what it means for Michigan's future.

With guys like (running backs) Deveon Smith and hopefully Derrick Green (ed. note: Green is now committed) on board, in addition to the (hopefully) stellar offensive line, picture Michigan's future offense looking a lot like Alabama's. Heavy focus on the run game, while using the play-action to catch the defense off-guard. This can be more than accomplished with a quarterback like Shane Morris at the helm and with the wide receivers Michigan already has on board.

Ratings: Rivals, four stars (No. 7 offensive tackle, 104 nationally) Scout, four stars (No. 3 offensive tackle), ESPN four stars (No. 7 offensive guard, No. 157 nationally)

Vitals: 6-foot-5, 310 pounds, 5.52 shuttle

Other offers: Alabama, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, Miami

Twitter: Busch tweets at @Kyle_Bosch65.

Recruitment timeline: Bosch had Notre Dame fans in his family and got an offer from Alabama after his junior year, but committed to Michigan last February.

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