Keyon Brown recruit scouting report: promising 2014 defensive end

Keyon Brown - Bud Elliott (SB Nation Recruiting)

Keyon Brown can be good defensive end at the major college level.

Name: Keyon Brown

High school and hometown: Brown attends Wauchula (Fla.) Hardee High School.

Position: Brown plays defensive end.

Height and weight: Brown stands 6'2, and weighs in at 230 pounds.

Ratings: Brown is rated as a four-star prospect by 247, Rivals, and Scout, and is not yet rated by ESPN.

Offers: Brown has offers from Miami, USF, Kentucky, Pitt, UCF, and Louisiana-Lafayette, and is also getting interest from Florida, Florida State, and South Carolina, amongst others.

Twitter: You can find Brown on Twitter @KeyonBrown2. Here's a taste of what you'll find:

Bud Elliott, National Recruiting Analyst: Brown is a very good defensive end recruit. At 6'2 and 230 pounds, he'll likely be playing on the weak-side in college, as Brown is already somewhat filled out and he probably does not have the room to add 30 more pounds to his frame. That's not a problem, however, because Brown can blossom into a multi-year starter at a major program.

A few things jump out when watching Brown play. The first is his quickness. Brown doesn't play the best competition, but he manages to out-quick the opposing blocker more often than not. Brown shows good discipline for a high school pass rusher in that he doesn't always immediately rush up the field. He first diagnoses the play, then controls and disposes of the blocker before making the play. For being only 230 pounds, Brown has very good power, though he may seem more powerful than he actually is because the blocker is often off balance from reacting to Brown's quickness.

Another impressive trait of Brown's is his balance and body control, which is on display both when playing defensive end and running back, as Brown does for his squad. He is able to get low when ripping under the block of the opposing tackle, and he rarely gets put on the ground.

The only real question with Brown is his ceiling. Brown is less raw from a physical growth and football standpoint than some other defensive ends in the class.

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