Darrell Daniels signs with Washington: Huskies land wide reciever brimming with potential

Darrell Daniels - Bud Elliott, SB Nation Recruiting

Darrell Daniels possesses all the potential to be a great receiver down the line for the Washington Huskies.

The West Coast isn't particularly stacked with wide receiving talent the way it was in 2012, but there are still plenty of strong talents who can definitely boost a Pac-12 team in need of players.

The Washington Huskies found one such player in Darrell Daniels, who could very well be the best wideout in this entire class when all is said and done.

Daniels was recruited as an athlete and could play both offense and defense on the outside. However, his future will be coming as a wide receiver the further he goes up the football ladder. Daniels seems to possess all the proper physical ability to be an elite wideout.

Here is the scouting report on Daniels from Derrell Warren of SB Nation.

From a developmental standpoint, Daniels is an extremely raw recruit. He qualifies as more of an "athlete" than pure wide receiver at this stage, overwhelming opponents with his sheer physical tools. However, he does have natural hands and gains full arm extension, consistently plucking the ball outside of his frame. Despite being obscured somewhat by his stride length, Daniels also carries good acceleration for a player of his size, showing an explosive burst once he gets his shoulders squared as he routinely outruns defenders in the open field.

At this stage, Daniels is limited as a route runner. Part of this is due to the fact he is not a natural knee bender. This causes some stiff and awkward movements on his part that contribute to him not running clean routes. He will often take baby steps at the top of his routes in order to slow his momentum prior to getting into his break. This allows a defender to squat on the route and minimizes the burst he's able to generate transitioning out of his break, limiting his ability to separate.

Daniels isn't quite ready to g,o though. It's highly likely he'll need to redshirt his freshman season and get himself ready for playing at the collegiate level. But the talent just explodes off the page when you watch him. If he can grow into his frame and hone his technique, it won't be long before he's an active contributor and one of the premier offensive players in the Pac-12.

Ratings: Warren is considered a consensus four-star wide receiver recruit.

Vitals: The Oakley receiver stands 6'3 tall and weighs in at 200 pounds.

Other offers: Daniels had offers from half the Pac-12 (including USC and UCLA) and a host of national powers like Arkansas, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State

Twitter: @Drinkmysuccess

Recruitment timeline: Daniels committed to Washington over the summer and has been pretty much on that one-track mind to Seattle.

Highlight video: Senior highlights below.

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