Breeland Speaks' play speaks for itself at Florida State's camp

Bud Elliott -- SB Nation Recruiting

Interview and report by Dustin Tackett, of Tomahawk Nation.

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. -- Florida State recently extended an offer to defensive lineman Breeland Speaks out of Jackson, Mississippi. Speaks is 6'4 and 273 pounds. On Wednesday, SB Nation was able to watch him work out at the Jimbo Fisher football camp.

Speaks has been working out at defensive tackle and defensive end, and this is due to a mixture of size and athleticism. According to Speaks, the offer from FSU was extended by tight end coach Tim Brewster on the Friday before camp. Brewster formerly coached at Mississippi State.

"Coach Brewster told me they just wanted to go ahead and offer me based on my tape. He said with my athletic ability it was a no-brainer," Speaks said. "I’d really prefer to play tackle, but I’ll be ready to go wherever they want to put me."

Speaks seemed pleased with today’s camp and his interaction with the coaching staff as well.

"Coach Haggins is really a great coach," Speaks said. "He taught me a little muscle memory drill to help me with my left-hand stance because that’s something I’ve never felt great about. I’m really glad he showed me those things, you know, technique."

While I was watching Speaks today, I spoke with his father. He said Breeland has been working on and off the field to help him at the next level. He has taken dance classes to benefit his footwork, karate to help with his hands, and these things showed as I watched today. Speaks is light on his feet for a guy of his stature and his hands constantly impressed the staff.

Aside from his technique, Speaks is absolutely explosive out of the three-point stance. He has been working out at the D1 Sports Training facility in Madison, Mississippi every morning at 6 am for the past month and a half.

"I’m really trying to work on my explosion. Explosion and abs," Speaks said. "That’s something my personal trainer is big on up there. He wants to make sure I go home hurting. It’s really helped me and I love it up there."

Speaks’ recruiting process seems far from over. He’ll be visiting Alabama on Saturday and already has offers extended from Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Mississippi State and now Florida State. With a list like that, Speaks doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry.

"Everybody’s basically on an even playing field at this point," said Speaks. "The campus stood out to me today, and everything they put into the football program with the Indoor Practice Facility and the new practice fields. It definitely left a mark on my heart."

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