Elite 11 finalist DeShone Kizer intends to visit Alabama, LSU, Tennessee

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Kizer was impressive at the Columbus Elite 11.

Quarterback DeShone Kizer of Toledo (Oh) Central Catholic had quite the weekend at the Columbus stop on the Elite 11 and the Nike Football Training Camp tour. The 6'5, 210-pound four-star recruit threw the ball well, and combined with his film, that was enough to earn a trip to the Elite 11 Finals at Nike's The Opening event in Oregon. After, Kizer spoke about a number of topics, including his recruitment.

On being invited to the Elite 11 final at The Opening ...

I was shocked. Today wasn't the best day. I spent a lot of time in preparation for this day, and had quite a few workouts for colleges, and today I didn't have those same type of workouts here. Coach Dilfer, when he gave me the invite, said it was the way I picked back up and bounced back from bad passes.

On his preferred style of offense...

I don't really have a preference. I believe that in a spread offense, I can be very successful. I do that in high school and do a lot with my feet. But I believe that being in a pro-style and extending plays with your feet, it adds to your success.

On Alabama, which he plans to see on Thursday, June 6 ...

From what I am hearing from Alabama, it's David Cornwell is their top guy. He's a big guy, and you can't teach that size. He and Brandon Harris have been down there, and I'm hoping that when I get down there, I'll be able to turn my non-committable offer into a committable offer. I won't throw for them, but [the Alabama coach] said that he's seen my film, and when i walk in the door, he'll know if I am the guy.

Unfortunately, I am a little late in the situation, and Cornwell and Harris already have committable offers. Hopefully by the time I get there, they won't have a QB. Hopefully when I get down there I can become that guy.

On LSU, (which had coaches Les Miles and Cam Cameron in attendance, as their sons participated in the event), which he plans to see on Friday, June 7 ...

To have a crowd that includes coach Miles and Coach Cameron is a great opportunity and a blessing to have. They have done a great job recruiting quarterbacks, and I know that Brandon Harris is really considering them, being his hometown school. They've come up to Toledo two times, once to watch a baseball game, and once to watch a workout. [Coach Cameron] is a great guy, and we have a great relationship. I know that if I can learn half of what he knows about the game, I'll become a great quarterback. I'm anxious to get down this yet to receive an offer...ere and see the campus.

On Ohio State, from which he is yet to receive an offer ...

From what I'm hearing, they put out their first round offers at the end of May. I didn't make the cut for that. Coach Hermann came and saw me a few weeks ago, and he said he's going to re-evaluate me with coach Meyer. Being the hometown school, it would be very nice to have an offer from them. But they wouldn't necessarily just jump to the top. I am considering some very nice schools. I'll re-evaluate if it comes.

On Tennessee ...

The sky is the limit for them. The opportunity at that school, the recruiting class they're bringing in is one of the best in the country. It not a national championship, hen an SEC championship within the next decade. I can just feel that. I would love to get down there and check them out in the next couple of weeks. It's not a school that I have a set date for, because it's a school I can drive to, but in the next two or three weeks I'd like to check it out. I can really feel those good vibes from the coaching staff.

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