JJ Cosentino becoming leader of Florida State's 2014 recruiting class

Bud Elliott -- SB Nation Recruiting

Cosentino is a consensus four-star recruit.

Four-star recruit JJ Cosentino more than held his own over the weekend at the Columbus stop of the Elite 11 and NFTC tour. Out of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Central Catholic, the Florida State QB commitment recently added an offer from the in-state Penn State Nittany Lions. He was selected to compete in the pressure cooker final drill at the event. After, I spoke with him as part of SB Nation's recruiting coverage.

On the Elite 11:

There's no doubt that this is the best coaching you can get, and the best quarterbacks are out here, so that elevates your game and see that other guys are good, so you have to step up your game. It was one of the best camps I've been to.

What is something Cosentino wants to work on when he returns home?

The shotgun. I'm not used to that. I was comfortable with it, but there were other guys who are a lot more used to it. But it's a lot easier to get used to that than it is taking a snap under center. And I also want to work on attacking outside the pocket on the run.

Is Cosentino wavering at all on his commitment to Florida State?

No, not at all. I was just down in Tallahassee on a visit. We saw the baseball game, met Jameis [Winston], and hung out with all the coaches the next day for lunch. It was just awesome. It was everything I wanted. Unless something absolutely crazy happens, I'll be at Florida State.

Cosentino's father told me that the family used to vacation on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and that they were very familiar with the state.

Jimbo Fisher has put his last two starting QBs into the first round of the NFL draft. How much did this matter to Cosentino in his recruitment?

Huge. There is no better place to be for a quarterback.

What else keeps Cosentino solid to Florida State?

It's just everything about it. It feels like a home environment, even though it is far away. There are a lot of guys with Pittsburgh roots, so they know what it is like. We talk about some Pittsburgh things, and coach Sal [Sunseri], he's Italian, I'm Italian, so we have that relationship.

How is Cosentino working to bring playmakers to Tallahassee?

I had been talking to Markell Pack, and he just committed. I just tell them, Florida State is a lot different than any other university. The coaches are going to be straight up with you. They're not telling you what you want to hear, while telling another guy the same thing. They tell you, 'we're recruiting other people and evaluating everyone;' they tell you how it is. They don't promise a starting job. They tell you you need to work. I like that, and I think other people like that, too, with how crazy recruiting is. It's a professional approach.

Cosentino already looks like a college quarterback, and I asked him about his lifting.

After playing basketball and having my tonsils out, I dropped down to 200 pounds, and I put 10 back on in one week.

He added that he put up big numbers in the school's recent lift testing.

For more on Florida State recruiting, visit Tomahawk Nation.

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