DJ Williams scouting report: Disruptive defensive tackle

DJ Williams - Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

The three-star prospect is among the top defensive tackles in the state of Texas.

Name: DJ Williams

School and hometown: Lufkin High School in Lufkin, Texas

Position: Defensive tackle

Height and weight: 6'4 and 275 pounds

Ratings: A consensus three-star prospect in the 247Sports Composite rankings, Williams is the no. 46 defensive tackle nationally and the no. 78 player in the state of Texas.

Offers: Kansas, Miami, Missouri, North Texas, and Oklahoma

Highlights: Hudl

Scouting Report:

In a down year for defensive tackles in the state of Texas, a mid-level three-star prospect like Williams has even more value than in a normal year. Unfortunately, there are some eligibility concerns that have kept his stock down in terms of his offer list, so there are no guarantees that he will be available to the college of his choice out of high school.

However, if or when Williams does make it into the college ranks, he has the chance to become a rotation player. A nose tackle and five-tech defensive end in the Lufkin 3-4, the big tackle is typical of many high school prospects in that he sometimes struggles with his leverage, a fact likely exacerbated by his legitimate 6'4 frame.

When Williams does stay low off the ball and shoots his hands with proper positioning, he gets impressive displacement despite needing to add some weight to compete in college in terms of mass -- his lower body strength when combined with his upper body strength is strong and probably his best attribute.

The top-end athleticism is also strong for Williams, who can open up and run with good speed for a defensive tackle. Some interior players look to run with heavy feet, but Williams does not. He can also sink and explode as a tackler, which indicates flexibility in his ankles and hips, which helps him when he does come off the ball low.

The tools are all there, now Williams just needs to take care of business in the classroom.

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