2016 five-star QB Jacob Eason recaps visit to Texas

jacob Eason - Student Sports

The Washington product used the Dallas Elite 11 camp as an opportunity to visit the Longhorns.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Despite the fact that the Elite 11 coaches weren't paying special attention to 2016 prospects in order to focus on the 2015 prospects who could earn an invitation to the finals, 2016 Lake Stevens (Wash.) pro-style quarterback Jacob Eason was one of the most highly-scrutinized quarterbacks in attendance on Sunday at AT&T Stadium for the Dallas event.

That's because Eason is currently rated as the No. 1 pro-style quarterback in the country and a five-star prospect by 247Sports, which has him as the No. 5 player nationally in the early going.

He's also 6'5 and was hard to miss as one of the tallest and most prototypical-looking quarterbacks at a loaded event that featured a number of highly-rated passers.

And while Eason wasn't as consistent as some of the other older quarterbacks, he did show off his elite arm strength and ability to make all the throws.

Before attending Elite 11, Eason went down to Austin to visit the Longhorns and spoke with SB Nation Recruiting about the trip following the camp.

"I really liked it," he said of his visit. "I met some nice graduate assistants and the coaches and they gave me a tour around the school. I liked everything I saw -- they're making improvements on the field and it's already huge, so they're making it bigger. I like Texas."

The visit to Texas for the trip to see the Longhorns and the Elite 11 camp was apparently highly anticipated by Eason, judging by his Twitter account.

And Longhorns fans who remain staunchly conservative about the uniforms will be happy to see the tweet that Eason sent out on Sunday following his visit to Austin.

Even though the uniforms caught Eason's attention enough to warrant a picture and a tweet, it wasn't the material that stood out the most from his trip.

"I'd say the people and the vibe there stood out the most," Eason said Sunday. "I really liked the coaches, everybody was nice. Every school is going to have nice facilities, but the people really stood out to me about Texas."

The recent struggles on the field for the Longhorns haven't dimmed Eason's perception of the school and the fact that there are still plenty of burnt-orange clad fans out and about in the Lone Star State played well, too.

"I see Texas as probably the biggest school in the state. There are a lot of schools and I see Texas standing out. Everywhere I go down here, I see Longhorns. I've seen some Baylor and some A&M stuff, but it's usually Texas, Texas, Texas. If I were go to a school in Texas, I would probably go to Texas. I like it."

He rated the the trip as an eight out of 10 and came away impressed.

"It was a good visit. I got to see everything and I liked what I saw."

Since it is early in the process, he hasn't had a great deal of communication with the coaching staff, but he has had several recent conversations with assistant head coach for the offense/quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson, who is working as the point man on his recruitment for the Longhorns.

The 6'5, 205-pounder didn't have an offer heading into his weekend visit and left the state still not holding one from Texas, but he wasn't concerned about that fact.

"It's something that I'm trying to work towards, but it's not something that I'm worried about yet. Hopefully it will come in the future."

Even though it is early, Eason already had an established idea of what he's looking for in his eventual destination.

"I'm looking at coaching, academics, the number of quarterbacks that have gone on to the NFL, winning percentage, prestige, and everything like that," he said.

Eason already has offers from the likes of Florida State, Georgia, and Miami -- and picked up one from Alabama on Monday -- so he's already thinking about the possibility of leaving the region for college.

"Playing away from home wouldn't bother me," he said. "If I'm going to have offers from across the country, I'm not just going to restrict myself to the West Coast -- I'm going to go where I can enjoy my four years and have a good college life."

At this time, Eason isn't focused on hoping that any particular school offers, as he believes that focusing on honing his craft will help the offers come so he'll have enough choices.

The summer will be a busy one for Eason, as he plans on making a trip through Florida to see the schools in that state, will head through the South, up to schools like Michigan and Notre Dame, and wants to visit the state of Texas again, as well as his Northwest region.

His father, Tony, played wide receiver for Notre Dame, so that was a favorite for Eason when he was younger, but he says that he's moved away some from his childhood affinity as he begins his recruiting process in earnest.

Until those summer trips and even after, Eason plans to work on his footwork in an effort to improve his movement since he admits he isn't the fastest quarterback around, as well as keeping his shoulders level to improve his mechanics and going through his progressions. In short, Eason is focused on all the little things that help a talented quarterback with potential become an accomplished player at the high school and college levels.

With that type of attitude and talent, the team that Eason eventually chooses should be getting a potential difference-maker at the most important position on the field.

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