Blake Barnett recruit scouting report: Dual-threat quarterback

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Blake Barnett is one of the highest-rated quarterback prospects in the class of 2015, and has received interest from some of the top programs in the nation.

Barnett attends Corona (Calif.) Santiago High School, and is listed at 6'3.5, weighing in at 195 pounds. He is considered a dual-threat quarterback with offers from Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Oregon and UCLA, among others.

The 247Sports Composite, which aggregates the ratings of all four major recruiting services, rates Barnett as a four-star prospect, considering him the third-best dual-threat quarterback in the class and the 10th-best player in the state of California.

Barnett can be found on Twitter @BlakeBarnett_8.

Blake Barnett is one of the best quarterbacks in the 2015 class, and that would be true for almost any class.

Barnett has the frame to play at more than 215 pounds. He looks like how most of the classic, elite quarterbacks did coming out of high school.

Barnett may have the look of a pocket passer, but he is classified as a dual-threat for a reason: he is very athletic. No, he will not go out and win a track meet, but he has fantastic quickness, body control and agility, relative to his size and length. Most players who are this leggy take a while to reach top speed, but Barnett does not. I can't see Barnett ripping off runs of 40 and 50 yards, but I can see him picking up a ton of first downs if the opposing pass rush gets undisciplined and a lane opens up.

Barnett is also really good at evading the rush. His offensive line allows a lot of pressure, and he deftly dodges it, looking like a taller Johnny Manziel. When he senses that he should run, he does so quite well. But more often, Barnett keeps his eyes up and is very good at finding the open man.

Barnett has a good arm, but it is not huge. Still, he is capable of making all the throws. Barnett's ball is easily caught, and he does a nice job of leading his receivers so that they can run after the catch. And he can do so when "off platform," dodging the rush.

His release is very over the top, and he won't have many balls batted down at the college level. It is longer, and he shows the ball early in his break, but it is not necessarily slow. He may end up holding the ball a bit higher when he works with his college coach.

I think Barnett would fit best in a spread offense. To stick him in a pro-style offense that doesn't use his feet on designed quarterback runs would be a mistake.

Note: Recruits commit and decommit throughout the process. No effort is made to note commitments or decommitments in these scouting reports. All we note is claimed offers at the time of evaluation.

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