Iman Marshall knows Notre Dame, Florida State will receive official visits

Iman Marshall -- Student Sports

Iman Marshall is considered by many to be the top cornerback recruit in the country. Coming out of the storied Long Beach (Calif.) Poly, "Biggie," as he is known, has scholarship offers from across the country. And he insists that he is open to all schools.

"Everybody has been recruiting me the same due to the limited communications," Marshall says.

At Nike's The Opening, in Oregon, Marshall was asked about the Ducks' program.

"I’m in contact with Oregon. I like the program. Oregon is always second to none when it comes to uniforms and the football program and stuff like that," Marshall said. "They really produce a lot of good DBs and stuff like that. I think I can really come in and produce and play as a freshman if I go to that school."

Is Marshall ready to name a leader?

"Not as of right now. Once I get done with these camp circuits and get into the recruitment process, that’s when I’ll find my leaders," Marshall said.

Two schools for which Marshall has a sincere interest are Notre Dame and Florida State.

"I know I’m going to take a Notre Dame official and most likely one to Florida State. Those are the only two I know for sure right now," Marshall said.

Both schools plan to take large defensive back classes with three or four cornerbacks.

"Due to the fact of some connections and the program and tradition. I love rich tradition coming from Long Beach Poly, which has tradition as well. You already know when you go there, you’re held to a higher standard, that’s why I really like Notre Dame," Marshall said.

And competing is no obstacle.

"I grew up competing and I’m going to continue competing. I don’t care where I go. I feel like I can compete with the best of the best."

The schools will not receive unofficial visits, however, because of the distance and costs associated with it.

Who could be in line to receive the final three official visits?

"You’ve got Ohio State, you’ve got Oregon, Tennessee, Michigan. There are a lot of schools out there that are hanging out for my three schools," Marshall said. "I’m going to take my time. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I want to enjoy it."

Still, the elephant in the room with any star from Long Beach Poly is USC. Most figure Marshall will stay home and be a Trojan. But he denies that vigorously.

"At the end of the day, I’m making the decision, so whenever anybody else puts that out there, if it hasn’t come out of my mouth then it’s not true," Marshall said. "That’s how I go about it. When I say I’m open to any and everything, I’m open to any and everything."

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