College Football Relegation

College football relegation revisited

Let's revisit the idea that would make college football even more exciting, volatile, and potentially corrupt: Promotion and relegation.

College football relegation in action

What if college football had a relegation and promotion system, à la world soccer? If we'd installed our system before the 2012 season began, here's how things would've shaped up based on...

Relegation Simulation: Rewriting College Football History

Time to put relegation into action with seven years of simulations. Boston College to the Big East? UCLA and Washington to the Mountain West? Which SEC team will be stuck in the Sun Belt in 2012?

Realignment Is Dead, Long Live College Football Relegation

Here's every college football conference in the country arranged to preserve geography, rivalries and competition while making it possible for teams to rise and fall as they deserve.

College Conference Realignment: What We Can Learn From Soccer Relegation

Conference realignment has gone off the rails. A soccer-style relegation system make both success and failure mean more, but it would also fix much of what's wrong with the current arrangement.

Relegation: Why College Football Needs To Embrace Cannibalism

College football's leagues are shaped by pact-making aristocrats, while world soccer is a series of meritocracies. It's time to make college football more American.

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