Iowa vs. Michigan State 2012 final score: Hawkeyes get wild 19-16 win in 2OT

Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Hawkeyes got one of the most thrilling victories of the college football season, in a 19-16 double overtime win over Michigan State Saturday.

It isn’t often that it takes a team 59 minutes to score their first touchdown and they still get the win, but in the case of Iowa’s 19-16 double-overtime victory over Michigan State Saturday, that’s exactly what happened.

With rainy conditions limiting both offenses all afternoon, Iowa was stymied until 55 seconds left when running back Mark Weisman carried the ball five yards for a touchdown. It capped a nine-play drive, which saw the Hawkeyes tie the game at 13 and send it into overtime.

From there, field goals dictated the rest of the game. Both teams were able to score three in the first overtime, and in the second overtime, Iowa’s Mike Meyer hit his fourth of the afternoon to give the Hawkeyes a 19-16 lead.

Finally, the game was sealed just two plays later by Iowa’s defense.

On a second-down pass, quarterback Andrew Maxwell dropped back in the pocket, only to see his pass tipped and picked off by Iowa defensive back Greg Castillo. It capped a wild win, and one that leaves Iowa atop the Big Ten Legends Division standings.

Box Score Hero: Could it be anyone other than Iowa running back Mark Weisman? The sophomore running back finished with 116 yards on 26 carries, including the Hawkeyes' only touchdown of the game.

Rankings Ramifications: Even with a win to improve to 2-0 in the Big Ten, Iowa won’t be ranked when the new polls come out next. However, with an undefeated record in conference play, they do control their own destiny in the race to get to Indianapolis for this year’s Big Ten title game.

But Did They Cover? Yes. Iowa entered the game as an eight-point underdog.

For More On This Game: For more information on Michigan State, be sure to visit The Only Colors and for updates on all things Iowa, visit Black Heart Gold Pants.

Next Week's Schedule: Michigan State will travel to cross-state rival Michigan, while Iowa will host Penn State.

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