LSU vs. Texas A&M 2012 final score: Tigers survive another worthy Aggies effort

Ronald Martinez

No. 6 LSU topped No. 18 Texas A&M in College Station, 24-19, recovering from an early onslaught and holding on late.

LSU's defense allowed an early, 12-point surge to Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M, but that was it until garbage time. The Tigers scored the next 24 points, rattling the freshman into three interceptions and finally getting just enough power going on offense to overcome a lackluster first half. Also, we saw the most Johnny Football play of the year so far (Bad Johnny edition):


A&M outgained the Tigers by about 100 yards until the final minute, but giving up four turnovers (plus one right at the end) while forcing none made the difference. (Also: how wild is it that LSU had a plus-five turnover margin against Texas A&M and still barely won?)

In case LSU was wondering whether it's better at running or passing, the question has been answered yet again. Jeremy Hill and company ran for 214, while Zach Mettenberger finished with only 97 yards on 29 attempts, though he did make this nice 29-yard touchdown to Kadron Boone:


Box score hero: We could go with freshman Hill, who had 133 total yards and two touchdowns for the Tigers, but we'll take Kevin Minter, who had a sack, one of Manziel's three interceptions and a passel of tackles.

Rankings ramifications: The Tigers could vault Notre Dame, Kansas State or Florida, all of whom have tough games coming up on Saturday. A return to the Top 5 shortly after leaving it isn't out of the question. The No. 18 Aggies now have two quality losses, and aren't sure to leave the Top 25 just yet.

Next week: LSU is off, then it's time for the Game of the Epoch Part III against No. 1 Alabama. The Aggies regroup against Auburn, which has just fallen to 1-6 with a loss at Vanderbilt.

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