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College football rankings, Week 10: Kansas State to No. 2, Notre Dame and Oregon follow

Florida's exit from the No. 2 spot in this week's BCS standings (which will come out at 8:30 p.m. ET) means we're down to Alabama, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Oregon among the unbeatens with very good national championship shots. Human polls and computer rankings will come out throughout the day.

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We have a playoff emergency

Once college football's powers-that-be agreed to implement a four-team playoff, they should have immediately set about putting one into place for the 2012 season. Instead, we're staring a nightmare scenario in the face.


CFB Hangout: Let's debate rankings!

Spencer Hall, Dan Rubenstein and Jason Kirk have some college football rankings to work through. Who's No. 2? Which of the big four has the best shot? And so forth!


BlogPoll: Alabama ruins everything

The BlogPoll is broken, and it's pretty much all Alabama's fault.


Handicapping BCS Armageddon

Four teams at the top of the BCS standings, each with a very good chance of finishing the season undefeated, means we've only begun arguing about which of the hypothetical big three deserves to play a hypothetically unbeaten Alabama.


BCS Top 25: K-State moves to No. 2

Sunday night, Week 10's BCS Top 25 revealed Kansas State in line to play Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game if the season were to end right now. However, Oregon and Notre Dame also remain very much in the running.


Kansas State moves up to No. 3 in Harris Poll

The Florida Gators' loss on Saturday has bumped the Kansas State Wildcats to No. 3 in the Harris Interactive Poll this week.


Notre Dame, Kansas St. move up in Coaches' Poll

Big victories by Kansas State and Notre Dame and a loss by Florida created some shuffling among the top 5 teams in the country.


Oregon stays at No. 2, K-State No. 3 in AP Poll

The AP Top 25 college football rankings have been released for Week 10, and a crazy Saturday has led to a lot of shakeup in the poll. Kansas State moved to No. 3 after a blowout win over the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Ducks hung on to their second slot with a 70-14 win over Colorado.

With Florida losing and dropping to No. 8, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish moved to No. 4 on the strength of their victory over Oklahoma. The Sooners dropped six spots to No. 14.

LSU has moved back into the the top five ahead of a huge matchup with Alabama on Saturday. The Crimson Tide tightened its grip on the top spot, taking all of the first-place votes after a dominating victory over the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Ohio State can't play in the postseason, but they jumped three spots to No. 6 with so many teams losing ahead of the Buckeyes. Georgia rose five spots to No. 7 after their victory over the rival Gators. Florida State has also reappeared in the top 10 at No. 9.

The complete AP Top 25 Poll:

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Alabama (60) 8-0 1,500 1
2 Oregon 8-0 1,412 2
3 Kansas State 8-0 1,382 4
4 Notre Dame 8-0 1,344 5
5 LSU 7-1 1,216 6
6 Ohio State 9-0 1,158 9
7 Georgia 7-1 1,145 12
8 Florida 7-1 1,075 3
9 Florida State 8-1 1,046 11
10 Clemson 7-1 914 14
11 South Carolina 7-2 823 17
12 Louisville 8-0 817 16
13 Oregon State 6-1 762 7
14 Oklahoma 5-2 758 8
15 Stanford 6-2 627 19
16 Texas A&M 6-2 580 22
17 Mississippi State 7-1 559 13
18 USC 6-2 418 10
19 Boise State 7-1 406 21
20 Texas Tech 6-2 388 15
21 Nebraska 6-2 249 NR
22 Louisiana Tech 7-1 209 24
23 West Virginia 5-2 126 25
24 Arizona 5-3 106 NR
25 UCLA 6-2 103 NR

Others Receiving Votes: Toledo 88, Rutgers 74, Oklahoma State 72, Texas 55, Kent State 33, Tulsa 17, Northern Illinois 12, Washington 8, Northwestern 7, Wisconsin 4, Ohio4, Michigan 2, Louisiana-Monroe 1

Check the national college football scoreboard right here, and look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


Top 25 scores: Man sacks entire city

Reviewing last week's Associated Press Top 25 after Florida imploded, Notre Dame became even more BACK and the Pac-12 lost a pair of contenders.


K-State, Notre Dame take early BCS computer

Full BCS rankings won't come out until 8:30 p.m. ET, but we can start to piece them together based on the six computer ratings and two polls. The first out is Jeff Sagarin's.


BCS projection: Another out of K-State's way

Week 10's full BCS Top 25 standings are now available right here.

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