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Big 12 denies apologizing to Oklahoma State

There was no apology to Oklahoma State for the end of last Saturday's game against Texas, the Big 12 tweeted while denying earlier reports.

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Big 12 says it did not apologize to Oklahoma State

The Big 12 Conference did not apologize to Oklahoma State University after all, according to the league's official Twitter account. That contradicts a report from the Oklahoman, which stated that the conference acknowledged that Texas's Joe Bergeron's game-winning touchdown was actually a fumble.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy told reporters on Sunday night that he reviewed the tape, and said "I think he fumbled." Gundy appears to be right, but officials didn't overturn the call because it was unclear who recovered the loose ball, as the play was blown dead while players were still scrambling.

Will the Big 12 ultimately have to end up apologizing for refuting their supposed apology? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, the Cowboys will be stuck dwelling during a bye week, while the Longhorns continue to prepare for their big game this weekend against high-powered West Virginia.


Big 12 reportedly admits Texas fumble to OSU

Mike Gundy thinks that Texas running back Joe Bergeron's controversial game-winning touchdown on Saturday was actually a fumble, and according to a report from The Oklahoman, so does Walt Anderson, the Big 12's head of officiating.

Anderson reportedly "apologized profusely" for the call in a phone call with Gundy. Upon further video review, it appeared that Bergeron had lost the ball while attempting to dive for the end-zone, but the ruling on the field was of a TD and there was no way to determine who wound up with the ball after it was called dead.

As a result, the Longhorns moved ahead of the Cowboys, 41-36, after the extra-point for the final margin of victory in a back-and-forth thriller on Saturday night.

Anderson's call, however, is small comfort for an Oklahoma State team that is now 2-2 in 2012, with their chances of defending the program's first ever Big 12 championship slipping further away.

Texas, meanwhile, heads into a 4-0 showdown with West Virginia, as Mack Brown's team will try to use this bit of good fortune to recover from a disappointing 13-12 record over the last two seasons.


Mike Gundy skeptical of Texas' final touchdown

The Texas Longhorns needed a last-minute score to defeat Oklahoma State on Saturday, but Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy isn't sure they really got one. Longhorns running back Joe Bergeron scored the decisive touchdown with 29 seconds remaining but may have fumbled the ball before breaking the plane of the end zone.

Gundy said on a conference call Sunday night that the first thing he did in the morning was look back over film of the play from the previous night.

''I think he fumbled,'' Gundy said. ''I don't know what else to say.''

(Via Burnt Orange Nation.)

The play was ruled a touchdown on the field, and there wasn't conclusive video evidence to overturn the call, so the score stood. Oklahoma State out-gained Texas by more than 130 yards on the day, but the Cowboys' defense couldn't find a way to stop the Longhorns on that crucial late-fourth quarter drive.


Texas scores questionable go-ahead TD

Texas took the late lead against Oklahoma State on a touchdown that ... well, it wasn't 100 percent a definite touchdown, that's for sure.

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