2013 college football schedule oddities: The 25 or so weirdest games

Wesley Hitt

College football is months away, so begin preparing yourself for the strangest items on the 2013 schedule now.

How did you two even meet?

Some out-of-conference games are really, really, really out-of-conference.

  1. San Jose State at Minnesota (All-time series tied, 1-1)
  2. Temple at Idaho (Brand new rivalry)
  3. Washington State at Auburn (Auburn leads, 1-0)
  4. Central Michigan at UNLV (UNLV leads, 2-1 (they played twice in 1994!))
  5. Tulane at Syracuse (met via either DomeClub.com or BigEastAtSomePoint.com) (Syracuse leads, 7-1)

Neutral-site oddities

Actually, Todd Graham in any neutral-site game makes sense.

  1. Army vs. Louisiana Tech in Dallas (Army leads, 1-0)
  2. Arizona State vs. Notre Dame in Arlington (Notre Dame leads, 2-0)
  3. Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky in Nashville (Kentucky leads, 3-1)
  4. Washington vs. Illinois in Chicago (Washington leads, 5-4)
  5. Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State in Houston (Series tied, 2-2)

Transitive weirdness

Michigan is transitively playing at Buffalo.

  1. Michigan at UConn (Michigan leads, 1-0), UConn at Buffalo (UConn leads, 10-1)
  2. South Carolina at UCF (South Carolina leads, 3-0), UCF at Florida International (Series tied, 1-1)
  3. Arkansas at Rutgers (Rutgers leads, 1-0), Rutgers at Fresno State (Fresno State leads, 1-0)

The country's most active rivalry

When will they ever stop playing?

  • Iowa State at Tulsa (Iowa State leads, 2-1, with two meetings in 2012)

BCS teams vacation into madness

Three teams that made BCS bowls are playing road games against teams that definitely will not make BCS bowls.

  1. Stanford at Army (Series tied, 5-5)
  2. Oregon at Nevada (Oregon leads, 6-1)
  3. Northern Illinois at Idaho (Bitter rivalry gloriously tied, 3-3)

BCS team almost approaches state border for once

Florida hasn't left its own state on purpose in decades.

  • Florida at Miami (Miami leads, 28-26, but Florida's playing an out-of-conference game 330 miles from home!)

What the fuck

I wanted to just embed the Apocalypse Now video of Marlon Brando accidentally eating a bug here, since it's the only thing that makes as much sense as these games.

  1. Oklahoma State at UTSA (Brand new rivalry)
  2. Minnesota at New Mexico State (New Mexico State leads, 1-0)
  3. Vanderbilt at UMass (Brand new rivalry)
  4. Arizona at UNLV (Arizona leads, 1-0)
  5. Missouri at Indiana (Indiana leads, 6-2-2 (Pray to the Joplin spooklight itself that Mike Slive doesn't read that, Mizzou))

Strangeness averted

"Big Ten division champion travels to play team that finished 0-12," reads the headline forever just out of reach.

The only schedule that makes any sense whatsoever

SMU, which is playing Texas Tech, Baylor, at Texas A&M and at TCU. That, plus Houston, means a Big East team will play against more Texas teams than all but three Big 12 teams will. I say again: a team in the Big East will play against more Texas teams than most of the Big 12 will.

Look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.

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