FIU players take recruit to strip club, tweet about it

Al Messerschmidt

Some Florida International players went to the strip club! With a recruit! And then wrote about it on the Internet later!

A few Florida International players did, like, nine or ten levels of things you're not supposed to do in the world of college football recruiting this weekend, by a) bringing a recruit to a strip club and b) tweeting about bringing a recruit to a strip club.

The offenders were defensive back Demarkus Perkins and defensive tackle Isame Faciane. They tweeted back and forth at each other about their strip club shenanigans via accounts that have since been deleted, probably because somebody told them they weren't supposed to tweet about bringing recruits to strip clubs:

Perkins: "The recruit was 2funny at strip club tonight"

Faciane: "buddy had this look on his face all might"

Perkins: "hell yeahh... u told the black stripper to get em a snow bunnie... he was trippin"

David J. Neal of the Miami Herald summarized the issues here succinctly:

Show the recruit the strip club. Point out that if he chooses to attend your university, he can visit the strip club. If you're in South Florida, show the recruit the many places where he can see just as many attractive women showing skin and behaving in a flirtatious manner as the strip club, including your own campus. But DO NOT TAKE THE RECRUIT TO THE STRIP CLUB!

I'm not sure if there's an actual NCAA statute explicitly stating you can't give a recruit a stack of singles to go down to the strip club with, but these people legislate spending money on the toppings you can put on bagels. BAGEL TOPPINGS. So they'll probably take issue with, you know, topless women. This is probably about 14 violations.

Maybe the NCAA will look the other way if it turns out the strippers in question were also just using the money to get through college.

Yeah, this probably isn't going to go over well. Then again, the NCAA might not be able to get the more serious recruiting allegations against that other school in the Miami area to stick, so maybe this will blow over. FIU has a new head coach in Ron Turner, but he might not know what computers are.

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