Best of College GameDay at UCLA-Oregon: OMG Shoes (and Puddles)

In Eugene, the smack talk is footwear-based. Sure.

Woe upon the Oregon faithful, because just because it's out on Pacific Time doesn't mean ESPN's schedule is going to accommodate the fans; thus, GameDay was already on the air by 6 a.m. local time in Eugene. That's not fun. Still, the Oregonians made it happen this week. Check it.

Here's Corso motoring, because of course Puddles has a motorcycle.


Might as well be Keds.



Could they, though? Could they make Reebok look good?

[not saying anything]


In terms of the mascot world, I think Puddles might be the best. Ridiculous name, unique look, absolute hammy moron. I don't mean that as an insult; if you were going to write a handbook on how a mascot ought to behave, just follow Puddles around for a week.

BREAKING NEWS: Every single college has gorgeous women. There's basically nothing like being in your early 20s. Also if the nicest thing you can say about the women on your campus is that they're pretty objects, you should rethink your life.

You know what I appreciate most about this? It's not an easy Duck Hunt reference. This is a finesse type sign.

And another:


My quibble is that the football is not 8-bit. It is a small quibble.


(via Double Coverage Football)

I appreciate this reference greatly. I am also 32 years old, so what the hell is this sign doing on a college campus?


(also via Double Coverage Football)

And now a semi-esoteric Notorious B.I.G. reference? Biggie died 15 years ago! WHAT YEAR IS IT?

I can dig it.


Hey, and it spells out FBS! Our subdivision is where the good teams are! Woo sports!

Whoooooaaaaa. Whoa whoa whoa. You have to actually beat the SEC before you can start talking that smack about the SEC. Maybe it happens this year, but for now this sign needs a big fat "[citation needed]." C'mon people. Make signs responsibly.


(via bubbaprog)

The fan who made this sign was later found trampled to death by elephants with a "roll tide" post-it on his body.

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