Best of College GameDay at Stanford-USC: Giving Lee Corso a sword goes wrong

USC fans take aim at Stanford and talk smack about breakfast bars. Also, Lee Corso fights with swords and it doesn't end well.

Hey, Lee Corso picked USC. Let's give him Trojan gear and see what happens!Espnswordfight_medium


Annnnnnd he's bleeding. Great. Onto to the signs.


(via bubbaprog)

Oh, bravo. Why doesn't Brent have his own betting website or newsletter or whatever? He would dominate the market. Is it because he's not very good at betting? Because I would absolutely believe that too. Like, if you saw a report that says "Musburger loses $1500 a week on betting, doesn't care," would you even bat an eye?

Of COURSE a USC fan brings that sign. That's basically the most USC sign possible. Also in the middle, an "I WIPE WITH TREES" sign. Really? Really? Do you wipe with trees? Because that sounds horrendous.

Yes, this is a pair of Auburn fans going Full Malzahn at a GameDay... in Los Angeles. We approve so, so much.

Is that... is that Luna Bars shade? What the hell is wrong with Luna Bars?!


(via bubbaprog)

OK, there's a lot going on, so let's go left to right.

CORSO ASKS JEEVES: That's good. And the only reason I don't believe it's true is that it's just now. There's no Jeeves. I know, sad.


DAVID SHAW BOWLS WITH BUMPERS: This is low-key brilliant. Like, what's the last acceptable age for bowling with bumpers? Six? Seven?

STANFORD SUPPORTS OBAMACARE: I mean, politics should generally stay out of sports—it doesn't end well—but when something the government does is its own punchline, yeah, go for it.

KEVIN HOGAN WEARS A SIZE 7 SHOE: I love this because it always feels creepy and gross whenever announcers are like, "[Player X] has a size 15 shoe! You should see his wingspan!" Uh, okay? Why not just slap him on the butt and compliment his sturdy hindquarters?

That book is huge!

I mean it is.

Corso! u look good bb!

Topical! And yet... you can totally see Kiffin as a Blockbuster manager, can't you? Like you're making six dollars an hour in 2002, miserable as all get out in your blue polo, and up walks Lane Kiffin saying something like, "gotta be pushing those Jujyfruits, really need to hit our goals on that." Classic Kiffin.


And then these. Apparently there's a significant obsession with Stanford's female students at USC. I don't know how else to put it.

Way to go?

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