Georgia vs. Auburn highlights and reaction: Tigers win an instant SEC classic

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn remains in control of its own destiny in the SEC West after pulling off an unbelievable win on a Hail Mary against Georgia.

Auburn's 43-38 win over Georgia was remarkable for a number of reasons. It was remarkable for the way that, in the first half, Gus Malzahn's offense hummed with ruthless efficiency after the Tigers were so inept against the Bulldogs in their past two meetings. It was remarkable for the way Georgia roared back from a 20-point third quarter deficit to take the lead on Aaron Murray's quarterback scramble, where he barely crossed the plane on fourth-and-goal.

But all of that will be forever obscured by what transpired on Auburn's final offensive play from scrimmage. NIck Marshall dropped back on fourth-and-18 and desperately heaved the ball downfield, watching it ricochet off the hands of a pair of Georgia defenders before finally landing in the outstretched arms of Ricardo Louis.


After the stinging loss, DawgSports is trying its best to keep things in perspective:

In the end Georgia ended up with a golden opportunity to win a game that they really had no business being in at the end. And it hurts. Just like in 2005, when we watched helplessly as Auburn converted 4th and a thousand before running out the clock and kicking a field goal to secure a 31-30 triumph over a senior Bulldog quarterback who played out of his mind, but came up just short. There's a certain sick feeling that accompanies a close loss to Auburn. This is it.

Meanwhile, the victors over at College And Magnolia have, understandably, had some difficulty processing the win:

Did you see that game? I did, and I have no clue how all this transpired. I don't know how Georgia came back, and I don't know how we pulled it out in the end. No words will do it justice.

Auburn has a bye next week before hosting the Iron Bowl during the final week of the season in a game that will decide not only the owner of bragging rights in the state of Alabama, but which team will represent the SEC West in the conference championship game. With the loss, Georgia is eliminated from contention in the SEC East but still has games against Kentucky and Georgia Tech left on its schedule.

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