Best of College GameDay at Miami-Florida State: Oh we got tie jokes, folks

Al Golden's signature neckwear bears the brunt of FSU fans' ire.

Hello, friends. GameDay is live from Tallahassee, so if white guys in headdresses doing the tomahawk chop is your thing, congratulations! Big day for you. Let's get to the signs. But first, Mr. Corso.


The Sunshine Scooter himself! Oh, and video? VIDEO.

We're bringing you a few taken before the show, since the morning sun washed out a lot of signs during the telecast itself. It happens, it's morning. Still plenty to see here.

Tie jokes? Oh yes indeed, tie jokes. Let 'em fly, folks!

Clip-on ties are such a BS move, by the way. If you don't know how to tie a tie, do what I do: learn how have someone else tie it once, then never untie it, just loosen it to take it off and hang it up by the loop. You know, like an ADULT would do.


(via Bubbaprog)

Hang on. Hannng on. I know accusing someone of buying things from Goodwill is an insult, and generally the clothing there isn't so hot, but ties at Goodwill are FANTASTIC. They're all unusual and ornate and the sort of thing you'd see in a costume department at a theater. Seriously, step off the Goodwill ties.


(slow clap)


Finally, a GameDay sign that can help you win a trivia contest. Untapped resource, really.


(via Bubbaprog)

I know the title of this article is "Best of College GameDay" but I'm going to break that real quick, because we have to talk about both of these signs. The one on the left... what is Sebastian doing? Is that a leash? Why does he have a logo on a leash? Why is it a pro-Miami sign that calls its own players "THUGS"? Why are we still using the term "Criminoles" in 2013? FSU hasn't been riddled with crime since, like, the '90s. You know what was around in the '90s? Smashmouth. And Pogs. The '90s are dumb.

Then the other sign... I get that you're going for the Winston quote "we do it big," but a football doesn't look like the letter "I," and a helmet doesn't look like the letter "G," so it just looks like you're saying "WE DO IT BFOOTBALLFSUHELMET!"

And get your underline game right. C'MON.


(via Bubbaprog)

Not going there not going there not going there not going there


what no god no

I have no idea what this has to do with this game whatsoever but #FLYNNING is always welcome here. Always.

Pretty sure this is not true.


(via Bubbaprog)

Lee Corso doesn't seem like the "drunk at 9 in the morning kind of guy. That's a Lucille Bluth move. Lee Corso is no Lucille Bluth.

See, and nobody's asking Lee Corso to go home.

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