Michigan OC Al Borges touts new focus on big backs

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With Fitz Toussaint out with a concussion, Borges leaned on his two big freshman backs against Northwestern.

First, this note about Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges' newfound love for the big back, from the Detroit Free Press:

With help from an improved offensive line, freshmen Derrick Green and De'Veon Smith combined for 120 rushing yards Saturday - a monstrous number after two straight games in which the U-M tailbacks combined for 20 yards or fewer.

The freshmen got an opportunity because starter Fitz Toussaint missed practice time with a concussion.

"They're big backs that will drop their pads and finish runs because that they way they run," Borges said today at Glick Field House in Ann Arbor. "Certain runners aren't like that as much.

"If you can get a rhythm running the ball like you get a rhythm passing the ball, you can pound the other team into submission. There's a point. Now, we didn't reach that point (Saturday). You can do that. I've seen it happen, had it happen. Big backs are the best at doing that because, after awhile, you just get tired of tackling them."

And now, a story.

There once was a man — the deputy mayor, this man! — of a town called ... well, the name's not important. This town had streets and cars, as all towns do, and this deputy mayor drove his car (a perfectly respectable car, if not a great one) quite often. Unfortunately, the deputy mayor had a nasty habit of getting into accidents — specifically hitting telephone poles. The mayor apologized to the deputy mayor and told him they couldn't just move these poles, obstacles as they may be, and they would always be there.

One bright and sunny day, this deputy mayor pulled out of his garage with a brand new SUV, top of the line, big as can be! He had seen these cars in commercials; he'd seen them on TV! "My problems are at an end," he said, "nobody and nothing will want to tangle with me."

So he drove that brand new car, that tank on four wheels, up and down the streets. He went to the northwest side of town, where there's just not much to get in your way, and he had a blast. He declared that this is how he would drive from now on and he secretly pitied anyone that couldn't do the same.

He listed off all his car's new features: its height, weight, speed, power, torque, mileage, age, everything he could think of that proved his car was the best! "I have a nice carrrrrrrr!" he yelled at the top of his lungs while driving as he drifted out of his lane and straight into a telephone pole.

On a totally unrelated note, Michigan is a 6-point underdog against 6-4 Iowa on Saturday.

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