Best of College GameDay at Baylor-Oklahoma State: SIGN

Also for some reason THEY GAVE LEE CORSO A GUN, and we don't like the way this TCU fan is staring at us.



This can't possibly end well, right? Not Lee Corso with guns, those are just props. We mean picking against Baylor.

Maybe it's because it's Week 13. Maybe the momentum just peters out after 3 months. Maybe our momentum can't sustain over the course of a full season. Whatever. The point is we're... not thrilled with this week's signs. We're not upset, it's just that this is the first week where we're wondering why we got up early for this. So it goes. Anyway, onto the signs.


WARNING: This feature on Art Briles and his family tragedy will break your heart. It's well-done, but holy smokes it is rough.


(via bubbaprog)

This guy is flat-out horrifying. But wait a second... he looks familiar... OH MY GOD:


This I can dig though. Nice and school-spirit-ish. Good job, business school! Hearthy business handshakes all around!


You know why I like this one? No conceit of superiority whatsoever. "Yeah, we're the crooked ones. Let's play some football."


Marcus Smart is the best college basketball player, you see.

I'm not a petting zoo expert, but I'm pretty sure they don't let BEARS in them. Bears pet back. Right through your face.

Now I'm thinking about it though, and you know what they need at petting zoos? Red pandas.

Why were there not like fifty tarp jokes? Baylor tarped off a huge section of its stadium! Like, for years! Make fun of that, people!


(via bubbaprog)

See, this is what I'm talking about. Just a slog of signs that aren't very good or are inside jokes or whatever. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

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