Your guide to Eugene, Oregon's best bars and restaurants for football fans

Jonathan Ferrey

In town for Friday night's Civil War rivalry? We asked an expert on both Eugene and food for his picks.

The University of Oregon, home to one of the country's best football programs (whether it's underachieved in November or not) and one of the sport's most renowned home-field experiences, boasts some splendid dining and drinking options for visiting fans and locals alike. We asked SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein, an Oregon grad and a well-traveled college football fan if ever there was one (Dan's day job is literally talking about college football while trying out restaurants), for his recommendations.

Your consumption assignments the next time you're near Phil Knight's wonderland:

The Glenwood Cafe: Right next to campus and along 13th, The Glenwood looks like it's located in a converted Victorian house and serves up big portions of high-quality breakfast and diner food. There's generally a wait on weekend mornings, but it's well worth it. 
Rennie's Landing: One of the two bars directly across from campus, Rennie's is the more spacious, and the one with outdoor seating upstairs. It's pretty standard bar food fare, but the quality is good, the strength of the drinks is acceptable, and the environment is pretty ideal. 
Pegasus Pizza: Another spot around the corner from campus and near the frats and sororities, they've got big, greasy pies (in a good way), good beer (with a separate bar downstairs), and plenty of space. A good place to blow off steam on a Thursday night. 
Wandering Goat: You're in the Pacific Northwest; go drink strong coffee and nerd out. Wandering Goat lets you do both, as you get to watch the cool brewing process and then power yourself with big coffee drinks. 
Beppe and Gianni's: Another spot in what appears to be a converted house next to campus, B&G serves terrific Italian food in a comfortable environment. 
Prince Puckler's: Delicious homemade ice cream, right near Hayward field and a good place to hit after Beppe and Gianni's, conveniently located right around the corner. 
Max's: A few blocks from campus, great beer selection, less of a frat/sorority presence, and the inspiration for Moe's on The Simpsons, but without the crippling depression.

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