Florida State vs. Miami 2013 reaction: Fans think game was representative of programs

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Both Florida State and Miami fans agree: the Seminoles are simply ahead of the Hurricanes right now.

Florida State and Miami faced off Saturday night in what was a matchup between undefeated, top-10 teams who were also heated rivals -- both in-conference and in-state.

Instead, one team emerged far superior, as the Seminoles continued their dominating run with a 41-14 blowout victory.

The score wasn't even as close as it looked -- Miami's two touchdowns came after Jameis Winston interceptions, and the only time the Hurricanes able to get anything going on offense was with a short field.

Besides those two throws, Winston still looked inhuman, averaging 11.2 yards per attempt and leading the Florida State offense to touchdown after touchdown (even without his contacts). Florida State averaged just 4.4 yards per rush, but scored four touchdowns on the ground (two each from Devonta Freeman and James Wilder, Jr.).

Things got chippy in the game, as it looked like a Miami player tried to gouge the eyes of a Florida State player during a fight.


The win was convincing enough that Florida State fans chanted 'we want Bama' as the game came to a close.

Bud Elliott of Tomahawk Nation said the game only confirmed what we all knew -- Florida State is just a much better football program than Miami at the moment.

You can really tell the difference when looking at the players from field level. Miami's players are definitely bigger than last year, but many of the linemen are fat. Florida State has 300-pounders who look much different. As FSU was whipping Miami along the lines in the second half, I thought the strength and conditioning program of FSU (almost a carbon copy of LSU and Alabama) shown through. Much credit to strength coach Vic Viloria. Of course, the starting material he gets to mold into dominant football machines is better than what Miami has had.

Jerry Steinberg at State of the U said Miami's defense struggled against the potent Florida State attack, and the divide between the two teams was clear.

UM's improved defense is not ready for prime time just yet. In the first half, when the Canes had a chance to make some noise, Jameis Winston converted a couple of third and longs with his legs and feet.

The tackling needs to improve all around.

Miami played a nice half of football but are clearly not in FSU's class yet. Give the Noles credit. FSU along with Alabama and Oregon, are clearly the best teams in the nation.

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