College football news: Godspeed, Ron English

"Soon," he told himself in the middle of the ritual, "this will all be over." - Jonathan Daniel

EMU frees its head coach in the middle of his fifth season and other things happen.


Eastern Michigan fired head coach Ron English after the embattled (you never want to be described as "embattled," ever) coach went  11-46 at EMU, including a 1-8 mark this season. That'll get you fired pretty much anywhere, but remember that we're talking about a program that has been to one bowl game as a D-I program ever: the California Bowl in 1987 against San Jose State. EMU hasn't had a winning record since 1995, when it went 6-5, and the closest it's come since then was a 6-6 mark in 2011 under English. So the failings here probably aren't on the coach.

Oh well

Northwestern is set to play in its flag-bedecked Wounded Warrior Project uniforms, and Matt Ufford—mind you, a Northwestern alum and a Marine—hates them. Paul Lukas of ESPN's Uni Watch—the all-time best uniform-centric media outlet on the planet—hates them.  And for $75, you can own a replica yourself—with all of $7.50 of it going to the Wounded Warrior Project. Wouldn't you rather donate some money directly and then not own one of those jerseys?

That went well

Louisville thumped a moribund UConn team in Friday night action, 31-10. The Cardinals defense outscored UConn's offense, scoring two defensive touchdowns (blocked punt return, interception return) and leaned on Teddy Bridgewater the rest of the way to coast to victory. UConn looked every bit like a team that fired its coach in September, and its season can't be done fast enough.

Well, well!

At least there's some good news as Mizzou landed a commitment from four-star LB Brandon Lee. Lee also had hats from California, Virginia Tech and Louisville at his announcement. What do you do with those hats afterwards? Donate them to third-world countries? Return them to Lidz? Does Lidz still exist in malls and stuff? These are things I wonder about as Mizzou keeps stocking itself with SEC-level talent.

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