Katherine Webb on Brent Musburger: Thank you for helping my career

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Katherine Webb doesn't have a problem with what Brent Musburger said about her on national television during the BCS title game.

Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron, entered the national consciousness during the 2013 BCS Championship game when she was not only put on camera but also spoken about glowingly by play-by-play man Brent Musburger. Webb went from struggling to book jobs to landing in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

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Her Twitter following skyrocketed in mere hours, as did her national profile. She received opportunities to advance her modeling career that she might not have gotten otherwise. In a recent interview with Dan Patrick, Webb expressed her appreciation for what Musburger inadvertently did for her career. Here's the video of that interview:

Sports Radio Interviews has the transcript:

Six weeks ago, if I told you all this was going to happen, what part would you have not believed?:

"It's something that I never expected. I was literally there just watching AJ play. I didn't know it would blow up this way. ... It's a blessing and it's a curse at the same time. I've learned you have to be really careful with putting your life out for the public to see. You don't have any privacy at all."

At what point did you know you were on camera during the BCS Championship game?:

"I didn't find out until afterward. I had people coming up to me during the game. I had a few friends around me that were kind of letting me know what was happening, but I didn't know what was really happening until somebody that was sitting in the press box walked up to me afterward. ... He was like, ‘You are the star of the game.' ... I wasn't expecting it to be that big of a deal. I made sure to go on the Today Show and really kind of draw the attention away from myself and giving Alabama the credit."

What did you think about what Brent Musberger [sic] said once you realized what all went down?:

"Of course I didn't take offense to it. It's kind of crazy for any woman to say that they would be offended, because every girl wants to be told that they're pretty and they're beautiful."

Have you talked to Brent?:

"I haven't. But it was so funny because probably two weeks ago West Virginia had a basketball game and Brent Musberger [sic] was there ... The students had huge cardboard blown-up heads of me and him. They had tweeted me a picture and Brent was playing along so he decided to take a picture with the two heads. ... Actually, I should probably call him and tell him thank you for the compliments."

An official statement to Brent Musberger [sic]:

"Thank you for everything you've done and for helping my career and helping me make a new life for myself. I was in Los Angeles and I was already modeling before, so all of this stuff that I'm doing is no strange thing to me. I was actually having a hard time in Los Angeles booking jobs. ... After all this happened, people started calling."

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