DeLoss Dodds on Texas: 'Saban isn't going to come here'


Dodds said he thinks Mack Brown is still the guy to lead the Longhorns football program, but he also spoke indirectly about what he might look for in a replacement.

University of Texas men's athletics director DeLoss Dodds believes that Mack Brown can return the football program to BCS title contention. Dodds told The Daily Texan that he appreciates the stability that Brown has brought to Texas football, implicitly addressing Brown's job status in the process.

"I love stability. I love continuity," Dodds said in an interview with The Daily Texan. "If you have stability, you have continuity and you've got good people. It's a formula that works. I think we've got that. If somebody tells me we need to change, I say, ‘Ok, but who should we hire? [Alabama head coach Nick] Saban? Well, Saban isn't going to come here.'"

Dodds added glowing remarks for Brown's work reviving North Carolina and noted that following Brown at Texas "will not be easy." He also said, speaking hypothetically, that if Texas were searching for a new football coach, he'd want to find the next Mack Brown.

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Brown has won 150 games and a BCS title since taking the head coaching job at Texas in 1998, but he's come under increased scrutiny since the Longhorns finished just 5-7 in 2010. Brown's teams rebounded to earn bowl berths in 2011 and 2012 but finished those two years a combined 9-9 in Big 12 play, which isn't up to the elite standards Brown established earlier in his tenure.

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