2013 college athletic director salaries: Whose teams win the most for the money?

Jamie Sabau

What's the simplest possible metric we can use to provide a broad evaluation of athletic departments?

Athletic directors are paid handsomely to make sure university athletic departments run harmoniously. While winning isn't the only component in making that happen, it's a large part, specifically when it comes to the two sports that make the most money: football and men's basketball.

USA Today released its updated athletic director salary database last week, and I thought it would be interesting to see which schools are getting the most bang for their buck according to ruthless numbers.

This is hardly a definitive metric to judge these athletic directors on. There's much more to the job than just wins. It's just a fun way to see who's spending what.

Some private institutions have gone and included their salary info, but since they are not public institutions required to do so, not all of them have.

With all that said, here are the schools that are getting the most football and basketball wins for their money, as well as the fewest:

Cheapest wins: Florida State's Randy Spetman, $12,962.96 per win
Priciest wins: Wake Forest's Ron Wellman, $40,470.59 per win

Big East
Cheapest wins: Cincinnati's Whit Babcock, $12,133.33 per win
Priciest wins: Louisville's Tom Jurich, $39,219.86 per win

Big Ten
Cheapest wins: Indiana's Fred Glass, $14,853.31 per win
Priciest wins: Nebraska's Shawn Eichorst, $46,791.67 per win

Big 12
Cheapest wins: Kansas State's John Currie, $14,930.56 per win
Priciest wins: Texas's DeLoss Dodds, $48,219.17 per win

Conference USA
Cheapest wins: Southern Miss's Jeff Hammond, $9,090.91 per win
Priciest wins: Houston's Mack Rhoades, $24,436.36 per win

Cheapest wins: Ohio's Jim Schaus, $7,967.74 per win
Priciest wins: Buffalo's Danny White, $18,851.56 per win

Mountain West
Cheapest wins: Air Force's Hans Mueh, $7,513.64 per win
Priciest wins: Nevada's Cary Groth, $14,958.21 per win

Cheapest wins: Arizona State's Steve Patterson, $13,035.71 per win
Priciest wins: Washington State's Bill Moos, $30,466.67 per win

Cheapest wins: Ole Miss's Ross Bjork, $13,793.10 per win
Priciest wins: Vanderbilt's David Williams, $147,258.09 per win

Sun Belt
Cheapest wins: Middle Tennessee State's Chris Massaro, $6,020.43 per win
Priciest wins: Florida International's Pete Garcia, $23,254.32 per win

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