Remembering Johnny Manziel's Twitter: 20 or so of his best contributions

Johnny Manziel's Twitter is dead. Long live Johnny Manziel's Twitter.

Before he decided to stop tweeting, Johnny Manziel proved he wasn't just a Heisman winner on the field, he was also a Heisman winner in 140 characters. Well, I mean, De'Anthony Thomas would be the Tweisman, but Manziel would get the invite to Radio City.

He did it with a variety of very similar tweets, displaying that he doesn't really care what anybody thinks about anything and that he likes flashing money at cameras and listening to Drake. We broke down his best Tweets by category, so that they may live in memory forever.

Johnny Manziel interacts with people of varying levels of repute

Johnny asks Rick Ross to go clubbing in Miami with him:

It appears that happened:

That's a message to often ill-advised Ole Miss basketball player Marshall Henderson, which of course got a positive response.

That's a guy who stars in videos about frat life.

Also: Johnny Manziel hanged at the Super Bowl with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, the cast of Duck Dynasty and Von Miller, as documented by his Instagram.

Johnny Manziel claims to have saved a kitten

Johnny Manziel quotes Drake

Bud that isn't a full Dra-

Johnny Manziel shows he cares not a whit

That's in reference to this deleted Tweet.

After Mike Stoops said that Johnny Manziel would win several more Heismans if he stopped using Twitter:

TFTC, of course, standing for "Too Frat To Care".

Johnny Manziel denies things you saw on the internet

Johnny Manziel thinks you are hating and is indecisive about whether you should continue doing so

And without further ado, Johnny Manziel's best tweet, by which I mean the NATIONAL CHAMPION of Johnny Manziel Tweets:

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