NCAA Football 14 promises better blocking, Infinity Engine

EA Sports

There will be significant new changes to the new EA Sports NCAA Football 2014 game which involve improved offensive line play and better running back motion and stamina.

One of the biggest problems with NCAA Football video games is their inability to produce realistic offensive line/running back interactive dynamics. Wide receivers will run the routes, quarterbacks will stand back in the pocket and survey the field, running backs will juke and slip outside but sometimes run square into their own guy and get nowhere in the backfield.

Samit Sarkar of Polygon reports on the improvements made to the way running backs deal with those around them. With the implementation of a new feature called "ball carrier avoidance," running backs will move intelligently and use the offensive linemen in front of them to generate gaps in which to run through.

Another significant upgrade in the new design is the new Infinity Eugene physics program, which will also be used in the forthcoming Madden NFL 25. It'll ensure that the running game is more realistic by limiting the momentum generated from some particular motions. It'll also track a player's stamina during a play and see it drain during the course of action. The stiff arm will also be utilized in a more realistic manner than before.

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