College football coaches playing golf: The Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge, in photos

What happens when a bunch of salty coaches and former professional athletes play golf for charity? Well, we will show you.

Tuesday marked the seventh annual Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge, where lots of coaches and former players get to play golf and goof around (unless you're Nick Saban, and this is absolutely not part of the process whatsoever, get him off this course before he burns up like those vampires from Blade who weren't wearing their Ray-Ban sunglasses).

Other SEC and ACC coaches like Steve Spurrier, Frank Beamer, Gus Malzahn, Dabo Swinney, Hugh Freeze, Al Golden, Jimbo Fisher, Paul Johnson and Urban Meyer were joined by former players like Bo Jackson and Mark Ingram. And why is Urban Meyer there? He was in town last year and participated, but the only logical conclusion is Ohio State is joining the SEC pawwlllll.

Any time you get this many strong personalities in one place forced to do something remotely athletic, having a camera around isn't a bad idea. This way you will be able to catch Spurrier shirtless or see if Dabo is eating any golf balls while thinking they're Sno Balls.

Presented below are our chat transcripts as some of these photos, via the Chick-fil-A Bowl Twitter account, rolled in.


Martin: It wouldn't be a college football sponsor board without no fewer than three chicken brands, some appetizers, salad dressing, Coke, Dr. Pepper and plenty of ketchup, so we're right on track here.

Brian Floyd: Ah, the shotgun approach to marketing. Touch 'em all.


Martin: Good thing you are only seeing Riley Skinner from the waist up in this shot.

Brian: Is it just me or does Steve Spurrier look completely terrified in the group pic?

Jason Kirk: This is the one day Spurrier feels pressure.

Martin: I think he's worried the camera will steal his soul and also all his country club memberships.

Jason: Note Saban yet again using a hat to conceal his leg-extenders.


Ryan Hudson: Gotta assume that fog just follows him all over the course.

Martin: The only logical explanation is they kidnapped his children and the only way he can get them back is by playing golf and eating chicken sandwiches.

Spencer Hall: Look how much he hates this. He's like a cat in a bathtub.

Brian: This photo just screams, "welp welp welp welp."


Martin: What do you think Roopstigo will find in this bag?

Brian: Spice.

Jason: Innuendos.

Tom Ziller: Child carcasses.


Martin: Man, look at Urb.

Brian: Dammit Urbz, follow through.

Jason: No time to follow through.

Martin: Strangely enough, this is the exact same thing he was doing when he said he was spending time with his family.

Via Eleven Warriors:


Martin: That ball hit four five-star recruits on its way to the fairway.


Martin: "You see, Mr. Ingram, the key is in the backswing." "Didn't you guys go .500 in the ACC last year?"

Brian: Beginning to think Saban's face is stuck in a permanent "welp."


Martin: Ah, the majestic inflatable cow. A staple of any quality golf course.

Brian: How in the world do you tee off with that thing staring you down?


Brian: Spurrier with the USGA bag tag, of course.

Martin: If those sunglasses were visors, the Old Ball Coach would be there all day.


Martin: #goacc

Brian: #goacc

Jason: #goacc


Martin: Dabo hasn't been this excited since he got that Iron Man 3 toy in his Happy Meal yesterday.

Brian: Notice how he's holding his club up. This is a golfer's "peeing with a hose" moment.

Jason: Dabo's balls.

And a couple BONUS shots for you to enjoy:



Please join us in the comments below in celebrating college football's greatest golfing event.

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