NCAA Football 14's store tie-ins explain so much

David Banks

Want to play with your conference's Ultimate Team bonus pack? Make sure you buy NCAA 14 at the right store.

NCAA Football 14 will be available on May 15, and EA is including an Ultimate Team bonus pack that will vary depending on where you purchase the game.

The Ultimate Team feature will enable players to use past college football greats and put them on the field with the current iteration of their team. Are you a Gators fan that misses Tim Tebow? You're in luck!

Which version of the Ultimate Team pack will depend on where you purchase the game. The conference and store tie-ins are as follows:

ACC: Target
Big East: Origin
Big Ten: Best Buy
Big 12: Walmart
Pac-12: Amazon
SEC: Gamestop

I have no idea what Origin is, so I suppose that makes sense for the Big East. Walmart would probably make more sense for the SEC than the Big 12, as you could set up the display case in front of an Alabama logo made of Dr. Pepper 12 packs. Amazon is a perfect fit for the Pac-12, because I've heard e-commerce is the future of commerce-commerce. As for the Big Ten, you should probably get a free copy of the game if you buy a bulk crate of Barbasol cans.

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