Colin Cowherd criticizes Kentucky's letter-writing, Kentucky mails him 50 letters

Nation of Blue

Don't mess with Mark Stoops. He has the postal service on his side, and when you control the mail, you control information.

Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops' staff really likes to send letters to recruits. In a world filled with letter-writing college football coaches, Kentucky's staff is the most letter-sendingest, reeling off 115 notes to one recruit, quarterback Drew Barker.

Although this has become a fad among college coaches, ESPN talking head Colin Cowherd took specific issue with Stoops, bashing the new Wildcats coach for his aggressive usage of the postal system to win the hearts and minds of high schoolers.

Turns out Stoops heard about this and offered a classic response: he sent 50 letters to Cowherd in Bristol (hat tip to Nation of Blue).


(From The Herd's twitter)

First off: woah, that's $23 of your recruiting budget. Second, if the point of sending all those letters is to make your recruits feel special, doesn't sending a bunch of letters to COLIN COWHERD make them feel not so special?

But we digress. As silly as this is, Cowherd is on the wrong side. The thing about the letter-writing is, it works. Stoops is No. 14 nationally in 24/7's composite recruiting rankings, which is absurd, considering Kentucky. And remember Drew Barker, the QB who got over 100 letters? He turned out to be an Elite 11 quarterback, and it turned out he committed to Kentucky less than two months after getting all the notes.

Besides, everybody's doing it. It's 2013, but this has been the offseason of letters. We've had YOU'RE A BALLER, CANS OF SWAG (and SB Nation had an interview with the artist responsible), NC STATE NEEDS BALLERS, YOU = BALLER, and, whatever it is Rutgers did here. Leave it to college football recruiting to turn the postal service into the new fad, but here we are.

And Cowherd, you're not one to talk about overloading somebody with things.

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